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Construction List - Whirlwind

  Serial Line No Model Reg Current/Last Operator Status
Not Seen It WA1 Whirlwind-HAR.1 XA862 Royal Air Force Scrapped
Not Seen It WA16 Whirlwind-HAR1 XA870 Aeroventure Preserved
Not Seen It WA27 Whirlwind-HAR10 8787M Royal Air Force Stored
Not Seen It WA51 Whirlwind HAR10 XJ435 Royal Air Force Scrapped
Not Seen It WA62 Whirlwind-HAR.10 G-BDBZ Autair Ltd Preserved
Not Seen It WA100 Whirlwind HAR Mk. 10 G-BVGE Andrew Douglas Whitehouse Active
Not Seen It WA270 Whirlwind-HAR9 XN258 North East Aircraft Museum Preserved
Not Seen It WA310 Whirlwind-HAS7 XN380 Manston History Museum Preserved
Not Seen It WA316 Whirlwind-HAS.9 XN386 ICE Fleet Air Arm Preserved
Not Seen It WA342 Whirlwind-HAR.10 XP299 Royal Air Force Preserved
Not Seen It WA361 Whirlwind-HAR.10 XP345 Royal Air Force Preserved
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