Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
05/03/2019 N94HL 525 Citation-Jet+ (Winfield Consumer Products Inc) hillcm
05/03/2019 N257JQ ERJ-145-LR (Shuttle America) hillcm
05/03/2019 N43MS 525 Citation-Jet+ (MSAW Corp) hillcm
05/03/2019 N529AU 737-3B7 (Choice Aire) hillcm
05/03/2019 N249NV A320-214(WL) (Allegiant Air) hillcm
05/03/2019 N255NV A320-214(WL) (Allegiant Air) hillcm
05/03/2019 N273NV A320-216 (Allegiant Air) hillcm
05/03/2019 N248NV A320-214(WL) (Allegiant Air) hillcm
05/03/2019 N259NV A320-214 (Allegiant Air) hillcm
05/03/2019 N531AU 737-3B7 (Swift Air) hillcm
31/12/2018 N246NV A320-214(WL) (Allegiant Air) bokum03
31/12/2018 N248NV A320-214(WL) (Allegiant Air) bokum03
19/01/2017 N579RP ERJ-145-LR (Shuttle America) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N573RP ERJ-145-LR (Shuttle America) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N311NV A319-111 (Allegiant Air) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N23ND King Air 65-C90GTi (UND Aerospace Foundation) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N326QS Cessna 560 Citation-Ultra (201 Investments Inc) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N214EE EMB-545-Legacy 450 (Embraer Executive Aircraft Inc) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N525DF King Air B300 (350) (Ventex Operating Corporation) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N96PB Cessna 525B Citation-Jet CJ3 (Bank of Utah Trustee) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N203BS King Air 200 (Department of Homeland Security) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N560CX Citation-Encore (BATT Partners LLC) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N960TX Dassault Falcon-20F-5B (Raider Properties LLC) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N650KK 650 Citation-III (RS Air LLC) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N262SK ERJ-145-LR (Chautauqua Airlines) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N283SK ERJ-145-LR (Chautauqua Airlines) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N428P 510 Mustang (Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N723GB PH100 (Bird Holdings LLC) 146Flyer
19/01/2017 N310QS EMB-505-Phenom 300 (E3K Holdings LLC) 146Flyer
17/12/2016 N1867M 560 Citation-Excel (Mericos Aviation) erdni
17/12/2016 N379QS EMB-505 Phenom 300 (NetJets Sales Inc) erdni
17/12/2016 N886CA EMB-550 Legacy 500 (ABP Aviation LLC) erdni
17/12/2016 N23ND King Air 65-C90GTi (UND Aerospace Foundation) erdni
17/12/2016 N929ST 510 Mustang- (Showtech Aviation Inc) erdni
17/12/2016 N650KK 650 Citation-III (RS Air LLC) erdni
17/12/2016 N285SK ERJ-145-LR (Chautauqua Airlines) erdni
17/12/2016 N282SK ERJ-145-LR (Chautauqua Airlines) erdni
17/12/2016 N441US 737-4B7 (Swift Air) erdni
17/12/2016 N441US 737-4B7 (Swift Air) Franzen
17/12/2016 N404NV MD-88 (Allegiant Air) Franzen
17/12/2016 N285SK ERJ-145LR (Shuttle America) Franzen
17/12/2016 N874GA MD-83 (Allegiant Air) Franzen
17/12/2016 N891GA MD-82 (Allegiant Air) Franzen
17/12/2016 N118TG Lockheed C-130 (International Air Response) Franzen
17/12/2016 N283SK ERJ-145LR (Shuttle America) Franzen
17/12/2016 N566RP ERJ-145LR (Shuttle America) Franzen
17/12/2016 N282SK ERJ-145LR (Shuttle America) Franzen