Carlisle Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
26/09/2019 ZZ514 Wildcat-HMA2 (Royal Navy) TacoPowerPhD
20/09/2019 ZM304 Grob G120TP-A (Royal Air Force) TacoPowerPhD
20/09/2019 N1812C Global 5000- (Citiflight Inc) TacoPowerPhD
19/09/2019 G-LAVA EC-135P3 (Heligroup Operations Ltd) TacoPowerPhD
19/09/2019 YU-RDA Cessna 560XL Citation Excel XLS+ (Air Pink) TacoPowerPhD
19/09/2019 ZM311 Grob G120TP-A (Royal Air Force) TacoPowerPhD
15/09/2019 LX-NEW Pilatus PC-12- (Jetfly) TacoPowerPhD
13/09/2019 ZF171 Tucano-T1 (Royal Air Force) TacoPowerPhD
13/09/2019 LX-JFZ Pilatus PC-12 (Jetfly Aviation) TacoPowerPhD
13/09/2019 D-CGGG Learjet 31A- (GAS Air Service GmbH) TacoPowerPhD
07/09/2019 D-ISLT Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2+ (Sylt Air) TacoPowerPhD
07/09/2019 G-MCGM Agusta AW189 (Bristow Helicopters Ltd) TacoPowerPhD
06/09/2019 N117TF Global 5000- (Tudor Investment Corporation) TacoPowerPhD
06/09/2019 N302AK Global 5000- (KP Holdings) TacoPowerPhD
30/08/2019 G-LGNK Saab 340B (Loganair) TacoPowerPhD
30/08/2019 SE-RFH 680 Citation-Sover (Manjoma Bravo AB) TacoPowerPhD
25/08/2019 I-ARFX ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600 (Sirio SPA) TacoPowerPhD
25/08/2019 D-IPPY P.180 Avanti EVO (AirGo Flugservice GmbH) TacoPowerPhD
24/08/2019 OO-PCI Pilatus PC-12 (European Aircraft Private Club) TacoPowerPhD
23/08/2019 N67JK Cessna P210N (DMW Aviation Inc Trustee) TacoPowerPhD
23/08/2019 ZM306 Grob G120TP-A (Royal Air Force) TacoPowerPhD
23/08/2019 ES-NSD Saab 340B (Loganair) Hitman69
19/08/2019 N8833 Gulfstream G650 (650 Holdings LLC) TacoPowerPhD
19/08/2019 N8833 Gulfstream G650 (650 Holdings LLC) TacoPowerPhD
18/08/2019 ES-NSC Saab 340B (NyxAir) TacoPowerPhD
17/08/2019 ES-NSD Saab 340B (Loganair) TacoPowerPhD
15/08/2019 ZH875 C-130-J (Royal Air Force) TacoPowerPhD
15/08/2019 M-POWR King Air 65-C90A (Northside Aviation Ltd) TacoPowerPhD
12/08/2019 A6-CPC ERJ-135-BJ Legacy (Gama Aviation) TacoPowerPhD
12/08/2019 8P-ASD Gulfstream G650ER- (Grupo Santo Domingo) TacoPowerPhD
01/08/2019 N159WH Challenger 300-Bombardier () gregorburns
01/08/2019 G-TRJB Beech 36-Bonanza (George Anthony John Bowles) gregorburns
01/08/2019 ES-NSD Saab 340-B (Loganair) gregorburns
01/08/2019 ES-NSC Saab 340-B (NyxAir) gregorburns
27/03/2019 G-DAYR CL-605 (Gama Aviation (UK) Ltd) Rabidmiffy
19/12/2018 OE-GHB 560 Citation-XLS (Bertsch-Aviation GmbH) TacoPowerPhD
04/12/2018 G-LFBD Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2 (Centreline Air Charter) TacoPowerPhD
04/12/2018 T7-UMT Challenger 605 (Private Operator) TacoPowerPhD
02/11/2018 D-FIBE Pilatus PC-6-B2-H4 (KIAS Airlines) TacoPowerPhD
12/09/2018 OE-FGB 525A Citation-Jet2+ (HYPO Luftfahrtzeuge Leasing GmbH) TacoPowerPhD
11/09/2018 N8833 Gulfstream G650 (650 Holdings LLC) TacoPowerPhD
24/08/2018 G-ARPP Trident-1C (British Airports Authority) Nottinghamlad
10/10/2015 XJ823 VULCAN-B2 (Royal Air Force) nighthawk
10/10/2015 XH558 VULCAN -B2 (Royal Air Force) nighthawk
11/05/1999 G-GNTD Saab 340-A (Business Air) spotter95
11/05/1999 G-CEXC A300-B4-103 (Channel Express) spotter95