Opa-locka Executive Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
15/04/2019 N150PA Convair CV-240-T-29B (Charter Airlines) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N41527 C-131E- (Miami Air Lease Inc) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N342GS R4Y-1/C-131F- (Great Southern Airways LLC (Miami Lakes FL)) tangoscar
15/04/2019 D-AAHB BD-700-1A10 Global Express (MHS Aviation (Germany)) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N606PS Gulfstream IV (PS LLC) tangoscar
15/04/2019 YV569T Gulfstream II (Private Operator) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N359SW 737-3H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N1978X Dassault Falcon-2000EX (Excelsis LLC) tangoscar
15/04/2019 M-RLIV CL-605- (Mobyhold Ltd) tangoscar
15/04/2019 XA-ABE 550 Citation-Bravo (Private Operator) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N10UC British Aerospace 125-700A (CSC Trust Company of Delaware (Trustee)) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N280PU Gulfstream G280 (Astra Holdings Inc) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N88ZL 707-330B (Lowa) tangoscar
15/04/2019 UR-CPT Antonov An-12BP (AeroVis) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N409ZX MD-83 (Odyssey Leasing) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N861ZX MD-83 (Odyssey Leasing) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N862ZX MD-83 (Odyssey Leasing) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N872ZX MD-82 (Odyssey Leasing) tangoscar
15/04/2019 N876ZX MD-82 (Odyssey Leasing) tangoscar
25/12/2018 N88ZL 707-330B (Lowa) erdni
25/12/2018 YV2940 Citation-Ultra (Private Operator) erdni
25/12/2018 N959PP 1125 Astra- (MCF Leasing LLC) erdni
25/12/2018 XA-USP Learjet 40- (Personas y Paquetes Por Aire S.A.) erdni
25/12/2018 N342GS R4Y-1/C-131F (Great Southern Airways LLC (Miami Lakes FL)) Franzen
25/12/2018 N390US 737-3B7 (US Air) Franzen
25/12/2018 N928SS 767-266(ER) (Odyssey Air Finance LLC) Franzen
25/12/2018 N706KW 767-336(ER) (Eastern Airlines(2018)) Franzen
25/12/2018 N359SW 737-3H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) Franzen
25/12/2018 N324CH 737-7BC(WL) (N324CH LLC) Franzen
25/12/2018 N480CH 737-72T(BBJ) (Crescent Heights) Franzen
25/12/2018 C6-PDX EMB-110-P1 (Package Delivery Express) Franzen
25/12/2018 P4-XTL 777-29M(LR) (Crystal Luxury Air) Franzen
25/12/2018 YV2694 EMB-120-RT (Transcarga International Airways) Franzen
25/12/2018 N862ZX MD-80 (ex AAY) Franzen
25/12/2018 N876ZX MD-80 (ex AAY) Franzen
25/12/2018 N872ZX MD-80 (ex AAY) Franzen
25/12/2018 N409ZX MD-80 (ex AAY) Franzen
25/12/2018 N861ZX MD-80 (ex AAY) Franzen
25/12/2018 UR-CPT AN-12 (Aerovis) Franzen
25/12/2018 N261PJ C208 (n/t) Franzen
25/12/2018 N64MG Learjet 60- (C & G Access LLC) erdni
25/12/2018 N64JP Learjet 60- (Westwind Aviation Services LLC) erdni
25/12/2018 N928SS 767-266(ER) (KMW Leasing) erdni
25/12/2018 N706KW 767-336(ER) (Eastern Airlines(2018)) erdni
25/12/2018 N140FM Beech 400A- (Velmol Air Services LLC) erdni
25/12/2018 N673W 560 Citation-Excel (Bank of Utah Trustee) erdni
25/12/2018 C-FHAG Learjet 75- (Skyservice Business Aviation Inc) erdni