Melbourne Essendon Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
16/01/2021 VH-OVM DC-3C-R-1830 (Shortstop Jet Charter) Hamster1067
14/01/2021 VH-JWG Beech Bonanza G36 (Airitalia (Australia)) Hamster1067
05/01/2021 VH-MSZ Super King Air-B200C (RFDS - Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia) greeny73
22/12/2020 VH-SGA Global 5000 (Business Aviation Solutions Pty Ltd) Hamster1067
22/12/2020 VH-CZT Agusta AW109SP (Parklea Air Services Pty Ltd) Hamster1067
15/12/2020 VH-FOX Agusta A109S Grand (Linfox Aircraft Charter (Pty) Ltd) Hamster1067
15/12/2020 VH-ZOQ Cessna 182T Skylane (Airflite Pty Ltd) Hamster1067
10/12/2020 VH-PYA EMB-110-P1 (Robert Keys) Hamster1067
10/12/2020 N218AC Sikorsky S-64E (Erickson Air Crane) Hamster1067
07/12/2020 VH-ITK Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II (Royal Victorian Aero Club) Hamster1067
06/12/2020 VH-HVM 550 Citation-Bravo (Quasar Resources Pty Ltd) Hamster1067
06/12/2020 VH-SWK Merlin II- (Sharp Aviation) Hamster1067
04/12/2020 VH-NXS Cessna 310R (Handel Aviation Pty Ltd) Hamster1067
02/12/2020 VH-YXJ Agusta AW139 (Australian Helicopters) Hamster1067
02/12/2020 VH-OYM Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (Roger Edward Merridew) Hamster1067
02/12/2020 VH-PVQ Agusta AW139 (Starflight Victoria Pty Ltd) Hamster1067
02/12/2020 N243AC Sikorsky S-64E (Erickson Air Crane) Hamster1067
01/12/2020 VH-ZMP Super King Air-B200 (Australasian Jet) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-UJA Aero Commander 680-FL (General Aviation Maintenance) greeny73
01/12/2020 N227SL EMB-505-Phenom 300 (Warrnambool Bus & Motor Co) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-JCX Learjet 45 (Jet City Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-UJS Aero Commander 500-S (General Aviation Maintenance) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-VAD Super King Air-B200C (Pel-Air Aviation Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-SWK Merlin II (Sharp Aviation) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-FOX Agusta AW109-SP (Fox Helicopters Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-XND Challenger 600-604 (Surveillance Australia) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-PZP Piper PA-32-R-301 Saratoga (Justin James Lewis) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-PYA EMB-110-P1 (Robert Keys) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-AWE Beech 36 (Alpha Whiskey Echo Syndicate Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-RKI Cessna 421-C (Australasian Jet) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-MOU Cessna 172-M Skyhawk (Amber Aviation Academy Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-TGG Global 7500 (Gandel Investments Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 N218AC Sikorsky S-64-E (Erickson Air Crane) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-NBL Cessna 340-A (Photo Electronic Services Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-ORK Beech Bonanza-G36 (Robert Ian Kerr) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-MXK CL-600-601 (Blissett Holdings (Pty) Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-MYE 525 Citation-Jet+ (Andrew Norbury Aircraft Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 N16SA Gulfstream G650-ER (GSA Global Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 N314JL Learjet 31A (Astro Aerospace Pty Ltd) greeny73
01/12/2020 VH-NJR EMB-500-Phenom 100 (Nioa Aviation Pty Ltd) greeny73
30/11/2020 VH-PVO Agusta AW139 (Starflight Victoria Pty Ltd) Hamster1067
30/11/2020 VH-SQY Citation Mustang (Cirrus (Aust) Pty Ltd) Hamster1067
30/11/2020 VH-YXG Agusta AW139 (Australian Helicopters) Hamster1067
30/11/2020 VH-YAI Global 6000 (ExecuJet Australia) Hamster1067
28/11/2020 VH-PDV R4Y-2T- (Pionair Adventures Ltd) Hamster1067
28/11/2020 VH-YXG Agusta AW139 (Australian Helicopters) Hamster1067
28/11/2020 VH-YXI Agusta AW139 (Australian Helicopters) Hamster1067