Melbourne Essendon Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
22/02/2020 VH-VES Cessna 182P (Interair Pty Ltd) Tulipdave
22/02/2020 VH-XNE Challenger 604 (Surveillance Australia) Tulipdave
22/02/2020 VH-MOU Cessna 172M Skyhawk (Amber Aviation Academy Pty Ltd) Tulipdave
22/02/2020 VH-JPQ Challenger 604 (Norseman Air (Pty) Ltd) Tulipdave
22/02/2020 VH-ESO Cessna 172P (Ermis Air Pty Ltd) Tulipdave
22/02/2020 VH-MSZ Super King Air B200C (RFDS - Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia) Tulipdave
22/02/2020 N700KJ Global Express XRS- (JFW Leasing II LLC) Tulipdave
30/01/2020 VH-TMQ C-47-B-30-DK (Australasian Jet) Tulipdave
27/12/2019 VH-MDW Aero Commander 500-S (General Aviation Maintenance) greeny73
27/12/2019 T7-RUS CRJ-200-ER (ISD Avia) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-XND Challenger 600-604 (Surveillance Australia) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-VEF Saab 340-B (Vee H Aviation Pty Ltd) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-JPQ Challenger 600-604 (Norseman Air (Pty) Ltd) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-SWK Merlin II (Sharp Aviation) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-FAM Cessna 152 (Private Operator) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-NSQ EMB-505-Phenom 300 (Avcair Pty Ltd) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-RIU Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XPi (Nantay Pty Ltd) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-VLZ Challenger-604 (Sunshine Air Services) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-FHJ Piper Pa-31 (Interair Pty Ltd) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-PNM EMB 500 (Revesco Aviation Pty Ltd) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-WDA Cessna 172-N (Ermis Air Trust) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-KCL Cessna 402-B (Interair Pty Ltd) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-PYA EMB-110-P1 (Robert Keys) greeny73
27/12/2019 VH-HZK Piper PA-44-180 (Ermis Air Pty Ltd) greeny73
27/12/2019 N227SL EMB-505-Phenom 300 (Warrnambool Bus & Motor Co) greeny73
23/12/2019 VH-HWR SA227-DC (Sharp Airlines) Freebird1049g
14/12/2019 OY-RAB Dassault Falcon-7X (Air Alsie) DeeJay26
14/12/2019 N716AS Gulfstream IV (AS Aviation Holdings LLC) DeeJay26
14/12/2019 VH-JPQ Challenger 600-604 (Norseman Air (Pty) Ltd) DeeJay26
14/12/2019 N243AC Sikorsky CH-54A (Erikson Air Crane) DeeJay26
07/12/2019 VH-VAH Super King Air-B200C (Pel-Air Aviation Pty Ltd) DeeJay26
07/12/2019 VH-LAB Super King Air B200T (Pacific Flight Services (Pty) Ltd) DeeJay26
24/09/2019 VH-OFX Global 5000 (Mitchell Air Pty Ltd) IAV
23/09/2019 VH-LEM Cessna 441 (Australasian Jet) greeny73
23/09/2019 VH-TMQ C-47-B-30-DK (Australasian Jet) greeny73
26/08/2019 VH-MXK CL-600 Challenger 601 (Blissett Holdings (Pty) Ltd) eastflight
10/08/2019 VH-MXK CL-600-601 (Blissett Holdings (Pty) Ltd) greeny73
10/08/2019 VH-JPQ Challenger 600-604 (Norseman Air (Pty) Ltd) greeny73
03/07/2019 VH-VAE Super King Air-B200C (Pel-Air Aviation Pty Ltd) greeny73
26/06/2019 VH-JPQ Challenger 604 (Norseman Air (Pty) Ltd) eastflight
12/02/2019 VP-BLF Gulfstream G650 (Marcplan Charter) Teeroy08
11/02/2019 N555GA Gulfstream G650-ER (TVPS ARS Inc Trustee) Teeroy08
11/02/2019 ZK-JAK Learjet 60 (JAK Air) Teeroy08
11/02/2019 N178HT BD-700-1A10-Global 6000 (TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee) Teeroy08
11/02/2019 N888ZP Global XRS (Wilmington Trust Co Trustee) Teeroy08
11/02/2019 VH-YAI Bombardier-Global 6000 () Teeroy08
09/02/2019 ZK-NXJ Beech 400A (Skyline Aviation Limited) Teeroy08