Chennai International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
26/10/2017 VT-TRI Learjet 45- (M-S Thriveni Earth Movers Pvt. Ltd) pilotftheworld
22/09/2017 VT-SCX A319-112 (Air India) eastflight
22/09/2017 9M-MUB A330-223F (Malaysia Airlines) eastflight
22/09/2017 VT-PPT A321-211 (Air India) eastflight
22/09/2017 G-ZBJB 787-8 Dreamliner (British Airways) eastflight
22/09/2017 A9C-AL A320-214 (Gulf Air) eastflight
22/09/2017 VT-SGG 737-8GJ(WL) (SpiceJet) eastflight
22/09/2017 A6-FEL 737-8KN(WL) (flydubai) eastflight
21/09/2017 4R-ALJ A330-243 (SriLankan Airlines) eastflight
24/11/2016 VT-IAY A320-232(WL) (IndiGo) eastflight
18/09/2016 D-AALE 777-FZN (Aerologic) eastflight
18/09/2016 VT-BDN 757-25C (Blue Dart Aviation) eastflight
18/09/2016 VT-BDO 757-204 (Blue Dart Aviation) eastflight
18/09/2016 VT-EXE A320-214(WL) (Air India) eastflight
17/08/2016 VT-JCJ ATR 72-500 (72-212A) (Jet Airways) arjunsarup
17/08/2016 VT-JBB 737-8HX(WL) (Jet Airways) arjunsarup
17/08/2016 VT-INR A320-232 (IndiGo) arjunsarup
17/08/2016 VT-INI A320-232 (IndiGo) arjunsarup
17/08/2016 VT-SCV A319-112 (Air India) arjunsarup
07/08/2016 VT-SPU 737-9GJ(ER)(WL) (SpiceJet) arjunsarup
03/12/2015 VT-EHT Gulfstream G200- (Emerald Haven Aviation Services Ltd) Mentabolism
13/10/2015 G-ZBJH 787-8 Dreamliner (British Airways) eastflight
22/07/2013 VT-JFH 737-8AL(WL) (Jet Airways) arjunsarup
02/09/2007 D-ABVS 747-430 (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
30/08/2007 D-ABVD 747-430 (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
31/05/2005 VT-BDE 737-2A8 (Blue Dart Aviation) Jens67
31/05/2005 VT-BDH 737-25C (Blue Dart Aviation) Jens67
19/10/2003 D-ABVT 747-430 (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
16/10/2003 D-ABTD 747-430 (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar