Liuting Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
22/08/2017 N341UP 767-34AFW (United Parcel Service (UPS)) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-8550 A330-243 (Capital Airlines(B)) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-5902 A330-243 (China Eastern Airlines) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-16210 A321-211(WL) (UNI Airways) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 JA03AN 737-781(WL) (All Nippon Airways) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-1743 737-85N(WL) (Shandong Airlines) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-6725 A320-232 (Capital Airlines(B)) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 HL8065 A320-232 (Air Busan) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-6428 A319-115 (China Eastern Airlines) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 JA608A 767-381(ER) (All Nippon Airways) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-1691 A320-232(WL) (Capital Airlines(B)) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-1731 737-85N(WL) (Shandong Airlines) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-6715 A320-232 (China Eastern Airlines) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 HL8241 737-8BK(W) (Korean Air Lines) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 B-5531 737-8FZ(W) (Shandong Airlines) FBBHaegar
22/08/2017 D-AIGU A340-313 (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 D-AIGZ A340-313 (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-6876 A320-232 (China Eastern Airlines) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 HL8004 A321-231 (Asiana Airlines) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-1731 737-85N(WL) (Shandong Airlines) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-9946 A320-214(WL) (China Eastern Airlines) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-6805 A320-214 (China Eastern Airlines) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-5648 737-85N(WL) (Shandong Airlines) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-1695 A320-214(WL) (Qingdao Airlines) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 JA8286 767-381(ER) (All Nippon Airways) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-8549 A330-243 (Capital Airlines(B)) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-5731 737-89P(W) (China Eastern Airlines) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-6373 A320-232 (China Eastern Airlines) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-6365 A321-213 (Air China) FBBHaegar
19/08/2017 B-1679 A321-231(WL) (China Eastern Airlines) FBBHaegar