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Construction List - Auster J1N

  Serial Line No Model Reg Current/Last Operator Status
Not Seen It 847 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJYB Philip John Shotbolt Active
Not Seen It 1963 Auster J1N G-AGXN Jeffrey James Teagle Active
Not Seen It 1973 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHCK Skegness Air Taxi Service Ltd Stored
Not Seen It 1977 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHCL Nigel Musgrave Active
Not Seen It 1985 Auster J1N Alpha G-AGYD Peter Robin Hodson Stored
Not Seen It 2011 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHHH Adrian Leslie Hall-Carpenter Active
Not Seen It 2019 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHHP David James Hutcheson Scrapped
Not Seen It 2022 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHHT Southdowns Auster Group Active
Not Seen It 2058 Auster J1N Alpha G-TENT Robert Callaway-Lewis Active
Not Seen It 2136 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHSS Charles William Tomkins Active
Not Seen It 2182 Auster J1N Alpha G-AIFZ Marc Daniel Anstey Active
Not Seen It 2188 Auster J1N Alpha G-AIGF Dorothy Wilhelmina Mathie Active
Not Seen It 2237 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJAE Didier Fernand Keller Active
Not Seen It 2243 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJAJ Neil Kelman Geddes Active
Not Seen It 2312 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJEH Timothy John Harrison Active
Not Seen It 2322 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJDY Warwick Bayman Active
Not Seen It 2336 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJIS William Henry Mares Left Fleet
Not Seen It 2340 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJIW Raymond John Guess Active
Not Seen It 2624 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJUL Anthony John Martin Stored
Not Seen It 3377 Auster J1N Alpha G-APCY John Rupert Pearson Left Fleet
Not Seen It 3381 Auster J1N Alpha G-APOA Colin Rudolf Harris Scrapped
Not Seen It 3385 Auster J1N Alpha G-APKM North East Aircraft Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 3387 Auster J1N Alpha G-APKN Peter Robin Hodson Written-off
Not Seen It 3392 Auster J1N Alpha G-APTR Clive Richard Shipley Active
Not Seen It 3394 Auster J1N Alpha G-ARUY Derek Kenneth Tregilgas Active
Not Seen It PFA 000-325 Crofton Auster J1A G-CDPG G-CDPG Group Active
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