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Construction List - Beech 18

  Serial Line No Model Reg Current/Last Operator Status
Not Seen It 7728 Beech 18 (UC-45F Expeditor) N1047B Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum Preserved
Not Seen It BA-6 Beech 18 N9886A Military Aircraft Restoration Corp Preserved
Not Seen It A-156 Beech D18C C-GZCE Canadian Warplane Heritage Active
Not Seen It A-235 Beech D18S Expeditor N145AZ American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum Inc Preserved
Not Seen It A-546 Beech D18S Expeditor N190CE North Valley Occupational Centre Stored
Not Seen It A-813 Beech D18S N350 Private Owner Stored
Not Seen It CA203 Beech 18 Expeditor G-BKGM Bristol Airways Ltd Active
Not Seen It CA-75 Beech D18S Expeditor G-BKRN Adrian Alan Marshall Active
Not Seen It MD-21 Beech 18 717 French Navy-Force Maritime de lAeronautique Navale Scrapped
Not Seen It 51-11825 AF-382 Beech C-45G N150PR Private Owner Stored
Not Seen It A-0177 Beech D18S Expeditor N70GA American Airpower Heritage Fly Museum Active
Not Seen It AF-297 Beech 18 Volpar Turboliner N404CK TransNorthern Aviation Active
Not Seen It BA-010 Beech E18S Expeditor N911E C-Tiger Enterprises Ltd Active
Not Seen It BA-076 Beech E18S Expeditor N471CM Michele Martin-Remesz Active
Not Seen It BA-143 Beech E18S C-FCLO Enterprise Air Inc Active
Not Seen It BA-178 Beech E18S N141ZA Vintage Aircraft Inc Active
Not Seen It BA-184 Beech E18S F-BUOP Aeroport Cannes-Mandelieu Preserved
Not Seen It BA-200 Beech 18 RP-C798 C. M. Aero Services Stored
Not Seen It BA-259 Beech E18S N122GS Dixie Aviation Enterprises LLC Active
Not Seen It BA-316 Beech E18S N5611D Michael M. Large Active
Not Seen It BA-402 Beech 18 Expeditor N737SW Aztec Worldwide Airlines Inc Active
Not Seen It BA-430 Beech E18S Expeditor N2069C Aztec Worldwide Airlines Inc Stored
Not Seen It BA-433 Beech E18S CS450 Sri Lankan Air Force Museum Preserved
Not Seen It BA-443 Beech E18S N326W Brooks Fuel Stored
Not Seen It BA-494 Beech 18-Expeditor N9690R Tropic Air Cargo Inc Left Fleet
Not Seen It BA-509 Beech G18S N320GB Airsquid Aviation Inc Active
Not Seen It BA-559 Beech 18 Expeditor N961GP K and K Aircraft Inc Active
Not Seen It BA-601 Beech G18S N1480K Jane A. Theberge Active
Not Seen It BA-614 Beech G18S Expeditor N5BA Carlsbad Raceway Corp Active
Not Seen It BA-663 Beech H-18 N663TB Peter H. McMillan Active
Not Seen It BA-688 Beech H-18 N30GB GB Airlink Inc Active
Not Seen It BA-749 Beech H18 Expeditor N8476H Joanne McCole Active
Not Seen It BA-759 Beech H18 Expeditor N99800 Rugged Investments One LLC Active
Not Seen It CA-152 Beech D18S Expeditor C-FTLU 1474528 Ontario Inc Active
Not Seen It CA-159 Beech D18S Expeditor N96240 Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee Active
Not Seen It CA-164 Beech 3TM Expeditor G-BKGL Aerial Advantage Ltd Active
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