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Code Name  
ADG / Aerea Flying Training Organization view
RIS / Aeris Gestion view
ARK / Aero Link Air Services S.L. view
AEM / Aero Madrid view
VAD / Aero Taxi Los Valles view
FLP / Aeroclub Flaps view
CFF / Aerofan view
FNO / Aeroflota Del Noroeste view
ARM / Aeromarket Express view
AXP / Aeromax Aviation Holdings LLC view
ECL / Aeronautica Castellana view
ENW / Aeronaves Del Noroeste view
AEP / Aerotechnica view
DNC / Aeroynamics Malaga view
EET / Air Este view
AEA / UX Air Europa view
VAE / Air Evans view
DRD / NM Air Madrid view
ANE / YW Air Nostrum view
PCK / Air Pack Express S.A. view
PLL / Air Pal view
MPD / A7 Air Plus Comet view
PLM / Air Pullmantur view
AIS / Air Sureste view
AVZ / Air Valencia view
LKS / Airlink Solutions view
IPL / Airpull Aviation view
LAV / AP Alba Star view
AIU / Alicante Internacional Airlines view
N77 / N7 All Spain view
AGT / 1A Amadeus Global Travel Distribution view
ANU / Andalus Lineas Aereas view
RCU / Atlantic S.L. view
AVS / Avialsa T-35 view
BEF / Balear Express view
IBB / NT Binter Canarias view
CKM / BKS Air (Rivaflecha) view
BLJ / Blue Jet view
BBV / Bravo Airlines view
ORO / C N Air view
CLI / XG Calima Aviacion view
MAQ / Camac Aviation LLC view
HSO / Campania Helicopteros De Transporte view
CNF / PM Canary Fly view
CVO / Center Vol view
ACF / Centro de Formacion Aeronautica de Canarias view
AIF / Compania Aerea de Valencia view
TEF / Compania Aerotecnicas Fotograficas view
LCT / Compania De Actividades Y Servicios De Aviacion view
TAV / Compania de Servicios Aereos Tavisa view
HSE / Compania Helicopteros Del Sureste view
HSS / Compania Transportes Aereos Del Sur view
CNU / Connair Consulting LLC view
RGN / Cygnus Air view
FGC / Departmento De Agricultura De La Generalitat De Cataluna view
ENA / Direccion General de Aviacion Civil y Telecomunicasciones view
MYO / Dominguez Toledo (Grupo Mayoral) view
CTV / Escuela De Pilotos Are Aviacion view
ECN / Euro Continental AIE view
EXU / Executive Airlines Services view
FER / Feria Aviacion view
AYR / Flight Training Europe view
RWW / ER Fly Europa view
FIL / Fly Lineas Aereas view
FCE / Flycolumbia view
FLK / Flylink Express view
FTE / Fotografia F3 view
FAM / Fumigacion Aerea Andaluza view
ROG / Fundació Rego view
FUA / FH Futura International Airways view
GDR / GP Gadair European Airlines view
GMJ / Gamisa Aviacion view
GES / GP Gestair Executive Jet SA view
GJT / Gestion Aerea Ajecutiva view
GAV / Granada Aviacion view
GFY / XX Greenfly (Ireland)o view
GPM / Grup Air-Med view
VMM / Grupo Vuelos Mediterraneo view
HDC / Helcopteros De Cataluna view
HHH / Helicsa view
HRA / Heli-Iberica view
HIF / Heli-Iberica Fotogrametria view
HLP / Helipistas view
HTH / Helitt Líneas Aéreas view
HOA / H5 Hola Airlines view
IBE / IB Iberia view
IBS / I2 Iberia Express view
IBR / Ibertour Servicios Aereos view
IBT / Ibertrans Aerea view
IWD / TY Iberworld view
IBC / Ibicenca Air view
ICC / ICC - Instituto Cartografico de Cataluna view
ITN / Industrias Titan SA view
FFI / Infinit Air view
ICP / Intercopters view
ISW / IF Islas Airways view
JCF / Jet Center Flight Training view
JNV / Jetnova de Aviacion Ejecutiva view
JEP / Jets Personales view
MAM / John Martin-Aerodromo de la Mancha S.L. view
KOA / Koanda Avacion view
JEV / N6 Lagun Air view
LZA / Lanza Air view
LZT / Lanzarote Aerocargo view
LEL / Leonsa De Aviacion view
ALR / Lineas Aereas Alaire S.L. view
LNA / Lnair Air Services view
LTE / XO LTE International Airways view
MCF / MAC Fotografica view
MGA / MG Aviacion view
MIC / Mint Airways view
MSN / Missionaire Inc view
NAY / Navegacion Servicios Aereos Canarios SA view
NRT / Norestair view
NYX / NyxAir view
PAE / Paisajes Espanoles view
PEI / Panamedia view
PNM / Panorama Corporation view
PCA / Penya De L'Aire view
PRN / Pirinair Express view
PUE / PU Plus Ultra view
PUE / PU Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas view
PVG / Privilege Style L view
PRJ / Pronair view
PRP / PRT Aviation SL view
MGO / Punto Fa view
RCB / Real Aero Club De Baleares view
CDT / Real Aero Club de Reus-Costa Dorado view
RCD / Real Aeroclub De Ternerife view
JJM / Regional Geodata Air view
SSS / SAESA view
SGP / Sagolair Transportes Ejecutivos view
/ Salvamento Maritimo view
SEV / Serair Transworld Press view
SDH / Servicio De Helicopteros view
DKY / Servicios Aereos Elite view
FYA / Servicios Aereos Integrales / Flyant view
GVN / Simon Baigent Gavina view
HSY / Sky Helicopteros S. A. view
OKT / Soko Aviation S.L. view
JKK / JK Spanair view
AME / Spanish Air Force-Ejercito del Aire view
/ Spanish Army-Fuerza Aeromoviles del Ejercito de Tierra view
/ Spanish Traffic Police-Direccion General de Trafico view
BXS / Spantax S.A. view
STS / SX Starling Airlines Spain view
SWT / Swiftair view
TDC / Tadair view
HET / TAF Helicopters view
TGM / TAG Aviation Espana view
TGE / TASA - Trabajos Aereos S.A. view
OVA / Taxi Aero Nova view
CTB / H5 Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics view
TLY / Top-Fly view
AIM / Trabajos Aereos Murcianos view
TVH / Trabajos Aereos Vascongados view
TRG / TRAGSA (Medios Aereos) view
SPS / Transpasa view
UCO / Ucoaviacion view
UNJ / Universal Jet Sales Inc view
UGC / Urgemer Canarias SL view
VEE / Victor Echo S.A. view
VSG / Visig Operaciones Aereas view
VOO / Volotea Airlines view
VLG / VY Vueling view
PLM / EB Wamos Air view
WNR / Wondair on Demand Aviation S.L. view
ORZ / Zorex view