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Code Name  
VA3 / 3V 3 Valleys Airlines view
\N / SH Aéris (Priv) view
DRT / Aero Charter Darta view
AON / Aero Entreprise view
FNX / Aero Fenix view
AOV / Aero Vision International LLC view
EAP / Aero-Pyrenees view
CJE / Aeroservices Corporate view
AAF / ZI Aigle Azur view
RLZ / Air Alize view
RHL / Air Archipels view
REU / UU Air Australia view
TPC / TY Air Caledonie view
ACI / SB Air Caledonie International view
FWI / TX Air Caraïbes view
CAJ / Air Caraibes Atlantique view
\N / SF Air Charter International view
AFR / AF Air France view
MQT / Air ITM view
/ VD Air Liberte view
BIE / DR Air Mediterranee view
TAH / Air Moorea (F) view
RTQ / Air Turquoise view
EOL / Airailes SARL view
RBU / 4Y Airbus France view
AIB / AP Airbus Industrie view
BGA / Airbus Transport International view
ARL / Airlec - Air Aquitaine Transport view
\N / IJ AirLiberté view
RLA / A5 Airlinair view
LSR / Alsair view
AGH / Altagna view
AOM / IW AOM French Airlines view
XJA / Assistance Aeroportuaire de L'Aeroport de Paris view
HGH / Atlantic Air Lift view
TLB / Atlantique Air Assistance view
DEF / AVDEF - Aviation Defense Service view
AVU / Avia Sud A view
FMY / Aviation Legere De L'Armee De Terre view
AXV / Aviaxess view
AXY / 6V Axis Airways view
BLE / Blue Line view
BZH / DB Brit Air view
XDA / Bureau Veritas view
/ CAL Compagnie Aerienne du Languedoc view
TEX / Catex LLC view
CEV / Cente D'Essais En Vol view
CLG / Chalair Aviation view
CPH / Champagne Airlines view
FQR / WL CheapFlyingInternational view
CNT / CNET view
CTM / Commandement Du Transport Aerien Militaire Francais view
CRL / SS Corsairfly view
DAB / Dassault Aviation SA view
DSO / Dassault Falcon Service view
EGN / Eagle Aviation France view
IAG / EPAG Groupe Air France view
ECF / Eurocopter Malaysia view
GED / Europe Air Lines view
FPO / Europe Airpost view
/ Fin Air Trade SAS view
FTR / Finist'air view
FLW / Flowair Aviation view
CTM / French Air Force-Armee de lAir view
FMY / French Army-Aviation Legere de lArmee de Terre view
FBU / BF French bee view
FDO / French Customs-Douanes Francaises view
FNY / French Navy-Force Maritime de lAeronautique Navale view
GAH / Ga-Ma Helicoptere view
FGN / Gendarmerie Nationale view
HAT / Gregory Air Taxis view
HFR / 8H Heli France view
HLI / Heli Securite view
/ H4 Héli Sécurité Helicopter Airlines view
HLU / Heli Union Heli Prestations view
HLC / Helicap view
HIG / Heli-Inter Guyane view
OCE / Heliocean view
HER / UD Hex'Air view
HOP / A5 HOP! view
FRC / Icare Franche Compte view
OCN / Kuzu Cargo Airlines view
DJT / B0 La Compagnie view
RTH / Martis S.A. view
BIB / Michelin Air Services view
MRN / Missions Gouvernemtales Francaises view
/ Musee de lAeronautique view
/ Musee de lAir et de lEspace view
/ Musee Europeen de lAviation de Chasse view
PEA / Pan Europeenne Air Service view
PHV / Phenix Aviation S.A. view
IXR / Pixair Survey SAS view
POF / Police Aux Frontiers view
PTH / Proteus Helicopteres view
REG / Regourd Aviation view
SPM / PJ S.A. Air Saint Pierre view
THZ / S.A. THS - Trans Helicoptere Service view
SBU / Saint Barth Commuter view
VZR / Sarl Aviazur view
LRR / Sarl Lorraine Aviation view
/ Securite Civile view
SFA / SEFA view
SHP / Service Aerien Francais view
SCK / Sky Cam view
/ 2C SNCF view
SSD / Star Service International view
STZ / Strategic Airlines - France view
SDU / Sud Airlines view
\N / IJ T.A.T view
TKE / Take Air Line view
HTO / Tango Bravo view
TRF / Taxi Air Fret view
T&O / &T Tom\\'s & co airliners view
THF / Touraine Helicoptere view
TSA / Transair France view
TVF / TO Transavia France view
TSI / Transport'air view
TJT / T7 Twin Jet view
LEA / Unijet view
VKJ / KT VickJet view
SEU / SE XL Airways France view