Gila River Memorial Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
06/09/2004 N44910 C-54D-1-DC (Brooks Fuel Inc) erdni
06/09/2004 N703MG DHC-7-102 (Farwest Airlines) erdni
06/09/2004 N90MA DC-6 (Barron Thomas Aviation Inc) erdni
28/10/1999 N90MA DC-6- (Barron Thomas Aviation Inc) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N51802 C-54G-1DO- (Skymaster Aviationn) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N44915 C-54D-10-DC- (Biegert Aviation) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N44910 C-54D-1-DC- (Brooks Fuel Inc) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N44908 C-54B-20-DO- (Brooks Fuel Inc) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N44904 C-54D-10-DC- (Airliners of America) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N44906 C-54B-15-DO- (Biegert Aviation) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N301JT C-54B-15-DO (Pacific Air Express) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N4889C DC-7B (Airliners of America) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N4885C DC-7-B (T & G Aviationn) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N6000V DC-7C (T & G Aviationn) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N90804 DC-7C (T & G Aviation) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N4887C DC-7-B (T & G Aviationn 33) p.loughnane
28/10/1999 N703MG DHC-7-102 (Farwest Airlines) p.loughnane
13/09/1999 N44910 C-54D-1-DC- (Brooks Fuel Inc) erdni
13/09/1999 N44904 C-54D-10-DC- (Airliners of America) erdni
13/09/1999 N44908 C-54B-20-DO- (Brooks Fuel Inc) erdni
13/09/1999 N44906 C-54B-15-DO (Biegert Aviation) erdni
13/09/1999 N4889C DC-7B (Airliners of America) erdni
13/09/1999 N44908 C-54B-20-DO- (Brooks Fuel Inc) Franzen
13/09/1999 N44910 C-54D-1-DC- (Brooks Fuel Inc) Franzen
13/09/1999 N44904 C-54D-10-DC- (Brooks Fuel Inc) Franzen
13/09/1999 N4889C DC-7B (Airliners of America) Franzen
13/09/1999 N130PS C-130 (n/t) Franzen
13/09/1999 N138FF C-130 (88) Franzen
13/09/1999 N132FF C-130 (83) Franzen
13/09/1999 N131FF C-130 (81) Franzen
17/07/1997 N90804 DC-7C (Frederick B Ayer & Associates) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N6000V DC-7C (International Aerodyne) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N5902 DC-7C (Braniff International Airways) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N44915 C-54D-10-DC (Biegert Aviation) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N301JT C-54B-15-DO (Pacific Air Express) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N4887C DC-7-B (Delta Air Lines) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N4889C DC-7-B (Delta Air Lines) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N44914 C-54D-1-DC (Biegert Aviation) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N44909 C-54E-15-DO (Biegert Avnt) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N44908 C-54B-20-DO (Biegert Aviationn) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N44904 C-54D-10-DC (Biegert Aviation) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N44916 C-118A (Aircraft Specialities) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N44906 C-54B-15-DO (Biegert Aviationn) careyvan208
17/07/1997 N90MA 550 Citation-II (Martinaire of Oklahoma Inc) careyvan208
31/01/1995 N90804 DC-7C (T & G Aviation)
31/01/1995 N301JT C-54B-15-DO (Pacific Air Express)
31/01/1995 N6000V DC-7C (T and G Aviation)