Aberdeen Dyce Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
27/01/2019 G-LGNR Saab 2000 (Loganair) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 G-ECOG DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 G-EUYN A320-232 (British Airways) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 G-LGNP Saab 2000 (Flybe) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 EI-FAU ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (Aer Lingus Regional) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 G-LGNU Saab 340B (Loganair) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 G-JECZ DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 G-WNSW Sikorsky S-92A (CHC Scotia Ltd) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 G-EUPM A319-131 (British Airways) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 EI-FPK CRJ-900-LR (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) BHSkeie
27/01/2019 LN-WDF DHC-8-402 (Wideroe) BHSkeie
24/01/2019 G-CHCK Sikorsky S-92A (Bristow Helicopters Ltd) BHSkeie
24/01/2019 SE-LPS Bae ATP- (West Air Sweden) BHSkeie
24/01/2019 SE-MAM Bae ATP (West Air Sweden) BHSkeie
24/01/2019 G-JMCV 737-4K5 (West Atlantic UK) BHSkeie
24/01/2019 G-LGNH Saab 340-B (Loganair) BHSkeie
04/01/2019 G-MCSD Agusta AW139 (Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd) dschannon
27/12/2018 G-JMCV 737-4K5 (West Atlantic UK) Swakeleys
27/12/2018 G-EUOG A319-131 (British Airways) Swakeleys
27/12/2018 PH-EXX ERJ-175STD (ERJ-170-200) (KLM Cityhopper) Swakeleys
27/10/2018 I-DELO Gulfstream G550 (Sirio Fly SpA) dschannon
03/09/2018 G-OENC Agusta AW189 (Bristow Helicopters Ltd) dschannon
03/09/2018 YR-FZA Fokker 100 (Carpatair) dschannon
27/08/2018 LN-WEC ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Wideroe) dschannon
27/08/2018 G-JMCR 737-4Q8 (West Atlantic UK) dschannon
27/08/2018 SE-MHD Bae ATP (West Air Sweden) dschannon
27/08/2018 EI-FPS CRJ-900-LR (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) dschannon
25/08/2018 G-CICH Sikorsky S-92A (Bristow Helicopters Ltd) david2757
25/08/2018 G-CERY Saab 2000 (Eastern Airways) david2757
25/08/2018 G-WNSV Sikorsky S-92A (CHC Scotia Ltd) david2757
17/08/2018 PH-BGX 737-7K2(WL) (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) lewismackland
17/08/2018 G-MAJY Jetstream 41-4101 (Eastern Airways) lewismackland
17/08/2018 G-LGNT Saab 2000 (Loganair) lewismackland
17/08/2018 G-EUPB A319-131 (British Airways) lewismackland
17/08/2018 G-TWIY Bae 125-750 (Saxonair Charter Ltd) lewismackland
16/08/2018 G-RJXC ERJ-145EP (BMI Regional) lewismackland
16/08/2018 G-JECO DHC-8-402 (Flybe) lewismackland
13/08/2018 G-IACZ ATR 72- (Eastern Airways) lewismackland
13/08/2018 OO-VLS Fokker 50 (VLM) lewismackland
13/08/2018 G-LGNA Saab 340B (Loganair) lewismackland
13/08/2018 G-CERY Saab 2000 (Eastern Airways) lewismackland
13/08/2018 G-MAJB Jetstream 41- (Eastern Airways) lewismackland
24/07/2018 G-IACC Sikorsky S-92-A (Bristow Helicopters Ltd) j8nnyb8y
24/07/2018 G-WNSG Sikorsky S-92-A (CHC Scotia Ltd) j8nnyb8y
24/07/2018 G-CGCI SIKORSKY S-92A-S92 (BRISTOW ) j8nnyb8y
22/07/2018 G-MCSD Agusta AW139 (Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd) Franzen
22/07/2018 G-MCSG EC-175 (Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd) Franzen