Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
27/09/2019 N602FE MD-11F (Federal Express (FedEx)) Jens67
27/09/2019 N883FD 777-FHT (Federal Express (FedEx)) Jens67
27/09/2019 N595FE MD-11- (Federal Express (FedEx)) Jens67
27/09/2019 N288AK 737-900(ER)(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 B-LJJ 747-867F (Cathay Pacific Airways) Jens67
27/06/2019 N716SY 737-7Q8(WL) (Sun Country Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 B-18718 747-409F (China Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N12216 737-824(WL) (United Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N661JB A320-232 (JetBlue Airways) Jens67
27/06/2019 N402AS 737-990(ER)(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 B-16785 777-F (EVA Airways) Jens67
27/06/2019 HL8077 777-F (Korean Air Lines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N464AS 737-990(ER)(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N803DN 737-932(ER)(WL) (Delta Air Lines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N625AS 737-790(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N621FE MD-11-F (Federal Express (FedEx)) Jens67
27/06/2019 N356KD 747-446 (Western Global Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N361UP 767-34AF(WL) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Jens67
27/06/2019 N362NC 737-330 (Northern Air Cargo) Jens67
27/06/2019 20-1101 747-47C (Japan Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF)) Jens67
27/06/2019 20-1102 747-47C (Japan Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF)) Jens67
27/06/2019 N274AK 737-900(ER)(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N405CK BOEING-737-436SF (Kalitta Charters II) Jens67
27/06/2019 N903AR 747-428F(ER) (Sky Lease Cargo) Jens67
27/06/2019 HL8251 777-FB5 (Korean Air Lines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N409AS 737-990(ER)(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N747CE C-118A- (Everts Air Fuel) Jens67
27/06/2019 N268AK 737-900(ER)(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
27/06/2019 N465MC 747-446 (Atlas Air) Jens67
27/06/2019 HL7610 747-8HTF (Korean Air Lines) Jens67
26/06/2019 N344KD 747-446 (Western Global Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 N405KZ 747-4KZF (Atlas Air) Jens67
26/06/2019 B-LJL 747-867F (Cathay Pacific Airways) Jens67
26/06/2019 N568AS 737-890(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 N583AS 737-890(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 N273AK 737-900(ER)(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 N306AS 737-990(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 B-LJA 747-867F (Cathay Pacific Airways) Jens67
26/06/2019 15001 A310-304 (Royal Canadian Air Force) Jens67
26/06/2019 N3743H 737-832(WL) (Delta Air Lines) Jens67
26/06/2019 B-18707 747-409F (China Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 B-2028 777-F1B (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 N883EA DHC-8-102A (Era Aviation) Jens67
26/06/2019 N885EA DHC-8-102K (Frontier Alaska Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 N440AS 737-990(ER)(WL) (Alaska Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 JA18KZ 747-8KZF (Nippon Cargo Airlines) Jens67
26/06/2019 N814AA 787-8 Dreamliner (American Airlines) Jens67