Blackbushe Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
05/05/2019 G-CEZO Piper PA-28-161 Cadet (Redhill Air Services Ltd) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-BSYY Piper PA-28 (Aerobility) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-ATEF Cessna 150 (Mooney Aviation Limited) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-AVSF Piper PA-28-180 (MONDAY CLUB) Jolly67
05/05/2019 PH-SGG Slingsby T67C (Private Operator) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-BMFP Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II (Aerobility) Jolly67
05/05/2019 N9432B Cessna 175 (International Air Services Inc Trustee) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-HBBH Ikarus C42 FB100 Ikarus (Golf Bravo Hotel Group) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-BIJV Cessna 152 (Amarjit Singh Bamrah) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-CDTX Cessna 152 (Blueplane Ltd) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-OARU Piper PA-28R-201 Cherokee Arrow III (Hardman Aviation Ltd) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-CICG Ikarus C42 FB80 Bravo (G-CICG Group) Jolly67
05/05/2019 G-BZEA Cessna 152 (Blueplane Ltd) Jolly67
04/05/2019 G-BZEB Cessna 152 (Blueplane Ltd) gazac
04/05/2019 G-GPAT Beech 76-Duchess (Folada Aero and Technical Services Ltd) gazac
04/05/2019 G-CEZO Piper PA-28-161 Cadet (Redhill Air Services Ltd) gazac
04/05/2019 G-ZANY Diamond DA 40-D (Altair Aviation Ltd) gazac
04/05/2019 N9432B Cessna 175 (International Air Services Inc Trustee) gazac
04/05/2019 G-ELCH Rockwell Commander -114B () gazac
04/05/2019 G-LSZA Diamond DA-42NG () gazac
04/05/2019 G-EGLK CSA PS-28 Cruiser () gazac
04/05/2019 G-RECW Piper PA-28-181-Cherokee Archer () gazac
04/05/2019 G-FPSA Piper PA-28-161-Cherokee Warrior II () gazac
04/05/2019 G-RCMP Piper PA-28RT-201-Cherokee Turbo Arrow () gazac
04/05/2019 N38273 Piper PA-28R-201-Cherokee Arrow III () gazac
04/05/2019 N799DS Diamond DA-40 () gazac
21/04/2019 G-BBRC FUJI-FA.200 (G-BBRC Ltd) pjf1977
21/04/2019 G-BOOF Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II (Blackbushe Flying Club Ltd) pjf1977
21/04/2019 G-ATEF Cessna 150 (Mooney Aviation Limited) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-BEBN Cessna 177B Cardinal (Peter Anthony Gray) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-BERA Morane Saulnier Rallye 150ST (Anthony Charles Stamp) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-BERI Rockwell Commander 114 (G-BERI Group) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-BJCA PIper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II (Falcon Flying Services Ltd) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-BLJO Reims Cessna F152 (Redhill Air Services Ltd) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-CCAT Grumman AA-5A Cheetah (Rate 1 Aero Ltd) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-FFFC Citation-510 (Flairjet Ltd) pjf1977
21/04/2019 G-ERED King Air 65-C90GTi (Gerald Roland Kinally) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-NODE AA-5B (Ultranomad Sro) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-OMUM COMMANDER 114 (EDWARD JOHN PERCIVAL) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-BSYY Piper PA-28 (Aerobility) pjf1977
21/04/2019 G-THNX 525 Citation-Jet (David Gardner) Ryanedwards1996
21/04/2019 G-BMFP PIPER-PA 28-161 WARRIOR II (PRIVATE OWNER) pjf1977
21/04/2019 N94328 CESSNA-182 (PRIVATE OWNER) pjf1977
21/04/2019 G-BHXA BULLDOG-1210 (PRIVATE OWNER) pjf1977
21/04/2019 G-CSBM CESSNA-150 (BLACBUSHE FLYING CLUB) pjf1977
21/04/2019 G-BJDW Cessna 172-M Skyhawk (Hadman Aviation Ltd) pjf1977