Meadows Field



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
24/10/2017 N801AF Merlin II- (Ameriflight) erdni
24/10/2017 N879FE Cessna Caravan-208B (FedEx-West Air) Franzen
24/10/2017 N969FE Cessna Caravan-208B (FedEx-West Air) Franzen
24/10/2017 N801AF Merlin II- (Ameriflight) Franzen
30/07/2017 N776SK CRJ-701ER (SkyWest Airlines) Kodiak1972
23/07/2017 N707SK CRJ-701-ER (SkyWest Airlines) Kodiak1972
26/04/2015 N291SW EMB-120ER (SkyWest Airlines) DeMo Bo
25/06/2010 N7305V CRJ-200-LR (Mesa Airlines) Kodiak1972
25/06/2010 N5218F Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (Pai King Equipment Leasing LLC) Kodiak1972
25/06/2010 N908BS King Air B200- (Golden State Air Charter LLC) Kodiak1972
25/06/2010 N525HS Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1 (ABA Energy Corp) Kodiak1972
25/06/2010 N490KC 690A Turbo Commander- (County of Kern) Kodiak1972
10/09/1999 N750FX Cessna Caravan-208B (FedEx-West Air) erdni
10/09/1999 N722FX Cessna Caravan-208B (FedEx-West Air) erdni
10/09/1999 N9750B Cessna Caravan-208B (Aero Leasing Inc) erdni
10/09/1999 N772FE Cessna Caravan-208B (FedEx-West Air) erdni
10/09/1999 N63978 Beech 99- (Ameriflight) erdni
09/09/1999 N454YV DHC-8-202 (Mesa Airlines) erdni
09/09/1999 N237SW EMB-120ER (SkyWest Airlines) erdni
04/11/1992 N7331G Cessna 172K (King Aviation) ux166c
25/11/1985 N218AA MD-82 (American Airlines) FerryPNL
17/11/1985 N104RG 690B Turbo Commander- (Richard A. Ganong) FerryPNL
16/11/1985 N9052U 737-222 (United Airlines) FerryPNL
16/11/1985 N731E Shorts SC-7 Skyvan- (Air Cargo Carriers) FerryPNL
16/11/1985 N289AA MD-82 (American Airlines) FerryPNL