Belfast International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
01/06/2020 ZM419 A400M-180 (Royal Air Force) K9-70
01/06/2020 OY-SRN 767-219(ER) (Star Air) K9-70
01/06/2020 OE-IAM 737-490 (ASL Airlines Ireland) K9-70
29/05/2020 ZG845 BN-2A Islander-2T (Army Air Corps) K9-70
29/05/2020 11-5732 Lockheed C130J-Hercules (USAF) K9-70
29/05/2020 16-5880 Lockheed C130J-Hercules (USAF) K9-70
29/05/2020 g-niaa Beech B200-Superking (Woodgate Aviation) K9-70
29/05/2020 G-CGTC BN-2A Islander-2T-4S Defender AL.2 (Police Service of Northern Ireland) K9-70
12/05/2020 177702 C-17A (Canadian Armed Forces) K9-70
30/04/2020 15002 A310-304 (Royal Canadian Air Force) jcla
04/03/2020 G-EZFT A319-111 (easyJet) K9-70
04/03/2020 G-EZTR A320-214 (easyJet) K9-70
04/03/2020 G-EZTM A320-214 (easyJet) K9-70
04/03/2020 SP-RSG 737-800(WL) (Ryanair Sun) K9-70
04/03/2020 G-BYWI Grob G115-E Tutor (Babcock Aerospace Ltd) K9-70
04/03/2020 G-EZBI A319-111 (easyJet) K9-70
04/03/2020 G-EZWF A320-214 (easyJet) K9-70
04/03/2020 G-EZUK A320-214 (easyJet) K9-70
04/03/2020 G.MAPY Piper-PA-31 350 (Woodgate Aviation) K9-70
25/02/2020 G-NIHM EC-135T2+ (Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore Ltd) Nottinghamlad
23/02/2020 ZG996 BN-2A Islander-2T-4S (Army Air Corps) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-UZHU A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-IASB King Air B200GT (IAS Medical Ltd) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-UZHG A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-EZFT A319-111 (easyJet) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-EZTK A320-214 (easyJet) K9-70
23/02/2020 LZ-LAB A320-231 (Bulgarian Air Charter) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-EZGB A319-111 (easyJet) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-UZLD A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-EZRT A320-214(WL) (easyJet) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-EZAP A319-111 (easyJet) K9-70
23/02/2020 G-EZBO A319-111 (easyJet) K9-70
23/02/2020 M-RBIG Learjet 45 (Volant Air) K9-70
06/02/2020 G-EZWA A320-214 (easyJet) gregquinn
06/02/2020 G-UZLD A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) gregquinn
06/02/2020 G-GDFG 737-36Q(WL) (Jet2) gregquinn
06/02/2020 G-EZFT A319-111 (easyJet) gregquinn
06/02/2020 G-EZDI A319-111 (easyJet) gregquinn
06/02/2020 G-UZHH A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) gregquinn
26/01/2020 ZG997 BN-2A Islander-2T-4S (Army Air Corps) K9-70
26/01/2020 G-EZTZ A320-214 (easyJet) K9-70
26/01/2020 G-FLYK King Air B200 (FlyWales) K9-70
26/01/2020 G-EZRY A320-214(WL) (easyJet) K9-70
26/01/2020 G-EZGE A319-111 (easyJet) K9-70
26/01/2020 G-UZHT A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) K9-70
26/01/2020 G-UZLG A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) K9-70
26/01/2020 G-EZFW A319-111 (easyJet) K9-70