Baghdad International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
23/08/2019 EP-PUB Bombardier -CL-604 (Pouya Air) Teeroy08
21/08/2019 TC-AEP 737-82R(WL) (Pegasus) Teeroy08
21/08/2019 D-AZEM Dassault Falcon-900EXE (Zeman Flugtechnik GmbH) Teeroy08
21/08/2019 TC-ABN Bombardier -CL605 (Private) Teeroy08
20/08/2019 F-RBAN A400M-180 (French Air Force-Armee de lAir) Teeroy08
20/08/2019 04-4137 C-17A (United States Air Force) Teeroy08
20/08/2019 TC-JFI 737-8F2(WL) (Anadolu Jet) Teeroy08
20/08/2019 T.22-2 A310-304 (Fuerza Aerea Espanola (Spanish Air Force)) Teeroy08
18/08/2019 EP-MMV BAe 146-200 (Mahan Airlines) Teeroy08
18/08/2019 09-5707 C-130H (USAF) Teeroy08
18/08/2019 16-6512 KC-130J (USMC) Teeroy08
18/08/2019 MM62195 C-130-J-30 (Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force)) Teeroy08
18/08/2019 08-8201 C-17A (United States Air Force) Teeroy08
18/08/2019 VP-BCJ 737-46Q (Atran-Aviatrans Cargo Airlines) Teeroy08
18/08/2019 A6-AON A320-214(WL) (Air Arabia) Teeroy08
17/08/2019 SU-GEF 737-800(WL) (EgyptAir) Teeroy08
17/08/2019 SU-GEB 737-866(WL) (EgyptAir) Teeroy08
17/08/2019 80001A C-17A (Hungarian Air Force) Teeroy08
17/08/2019 MM62224 Alenia-C-27J (Italian Air Force ) Teeroy08
16/08/2019 TC-JVO 737-8F2(WL) (Turkish Airlines) Teeroy08
16/08/2019 TC-JKU 737-8Q8(WL) (Anadolu Jet) Teeroy08
16/08/2019 4K-AZ83 A320-214 (AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines) Teeroy08
15/08/2019 TC-JIO A330-223 (Turkish Airlines) Teeroy08
15/08/2019 10-0214 C-17A (United States Air Force) Teeroy08
15/08/2019 VP-CXO A320-214 (flynas) Teeroy08
15/08/2019 50-36 Transall-C-160 (German Air Force) Teeroy08
15/08/2019 74-1685 C-130H (USAF) Teeroy08
14/08/2019 UR-82008 An-124-100M-150 (Antonov Airlines) Teeroy08
14/08/2019 SU-GDY 737-866(WL) (EgyptAir) Teeroy08
14/08/2019 MM62221 Alenia C-27-J Spartan (Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force)) Teeroy08
14/08/2019 TC-MJB Bombardier -CL-604 (MNG Jet Aviation ) Teeroy08
14/08/2019 N2679C Lockheed-L-100-30 (Q2P) Teeroy08
14/08/2019 177702 C-17A (Canadian Armed Forces) Teeroy08
14/08/2019 50-66 Transall-C-160 (German Air Force) Teeroy08
13/08/2019 TC-JPN A320-232 (Turkish Airlines) Teeroy08
13/08/2019 TC-JGC 737-8F2(WL) (Turkish Airlines) Teeroy08
13/08/2019 YI-BAF 737-8EH(WL) (Fly Baghdad) Teeroy08
13/08/2019 06-6159 C-17A (United States Air Force) Teeroy08
12/08/2019 TC-CPS 737-8GJ(WL) (Pegasus) Teeroy08
11/08/2019 TC-NBI A320-251N(WL) (Pegasus) Teeroy08
10/08/2019 SU-GEG 737-800(WL) (EgyptAir) Teeroy08
10/08/2019 94-0315 King Air C-12-R (United States Army) Teeroy08
10/08/2019 90-0162 Lockheed-MC-130H (USAF) Teeroy08
10/08/2019 09-5707 Lockheed-HC-130J (USAF) Teeroy08
10/08/2019 EP-TBE MD-88 (Taban Airlines) Teeroy08
10/08/2019 07-7174 C-17A (United States Air Force) Teeroy08
10/08/2019 88-0194 Lockheed -MC-130H (USAF) Teeroy08