Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
10/04/2016 N606FX Learjet 40 (Bombardier Business Jet Solutions Inc) careyvan208
10/04/2016 N660PA 650 Citation-VI (Friendly Aviation LLC) careyvan208
10/04/2016 N800PL Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XP (Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana) careyvan208
10/04/2016 N9UP Raytheon/Hawker 125-800A (Union Pacific Resources Company Inc) careyvan208
10/04/2016 N65FA Raytheon/Hawker 125-800A (TM Aviation Inc) careyvan208
02/07/2011 N9514F Cessna Caravan-208/A (Cessna Aircraft Company) careyvan208
02/07/2011 N105AN Cessna Caravan-208B (AirNet Systems Inc) careyvan208
30/12/2006 N433FX Learjet 45 (Bombardier) careyvan208
14/12/2006 N40PC Hawker-Siddeley HS-125-400A (Commonwealth Plan Inc) careyvan208
14/12/2006 N415GA Cessna Caravan-208/A (Hampton Island Aviation LLC) careyvan208
03/11/2006 N707LM 550 Citation-II (3L Executive Coach LLC) careyvan208
03/11/2006 N64RT 501 Citation-I/SP (VFPR LLC) careyvan208
03/11/2006 N200GF 551 Citation-II/SP (Airmasters Inc) careyvan208
02/11/2006 N208PM Cessna Caravan-208B (Planemasters Ltd) careyvan208
31/10/2006 N20AU 550 Citation-Bravo (Auburn University) careyvan208
25/10/2006 N481QS Gulfstream IV- (EJI Sales Inc) careyvan208
17/10/2006 N962DL MD-88 (Delta Air Lines) careyvan208
17/10/2006 N925DL MD-88 (Delta Air Lines) careyvan208
17/10/2006 N933DL MD-88 (Delta Air Lines) careyvan208
11/10/2006 N926CB 650 Citation-VII (CB Transport Inc) careyvan208
24/05/2006 N805CA CRJ-100-ER (Comair) careyvan208
26/04/2006 N360FE DC-10-10 (Federal Express (FedEx)) careyvan208
19/04/2006 74-1671 Lockheed-C-130H (USAF) careyvan208
12/04/2006 N894CA Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XP (WFBN Wells Fargo Bank Northwest ) careyvan208
12/04/2006 N14998 ERJ-145LR (Delta Connection) careyvan208
08/04/2006 63-7745 mcdonnell-RF-4C (USAF) careyvan208
08/04/2006 52-7409 Republic-RF-84F (USAF) careyvan208
08/04/2006 66-16086 Bell-UH-1H (US Army) careyvan208
08/04/2006 67-16243 Hughes-OH-6A (US ARMY) careyvan208
08/04/2006 69-18479 Sikorsky-CH-54B (US army) careyvan208
06/04/2006 N244FX Learjet 60 (Bombardier Inc) careyvan208
06/04/2006 N525XJ RJ85- (Mesaba Airlines) careyvan208
05/04/2006 N702PA Cessna Caravan-208B (Paragon Air Express Inc) careyvan208
04/04/2006 N140JC Learjet 60 (Next Group LLC) careyvan208
04/04/2006 N723PS CRJ-701-ER (PSA Airlines) careyvan208
22/03/2006 N8500 Sabre 40 (Haws Aviation LLC) careyvan208
22/03/2006 N117JW Sabre 65 (Victory Christian Ministries International Inc) careyvan208
22/03/2006 151338 T-39D (United States Navy) careyvan208
22/03/2006 N265CP Sabre 65 (Capitoline Products Inc) careyvan208
22/03/2006 N913FJ CRJ-900-ER (Mesa Airlines) careyvan208
22/03/2006 N698BR CRJ-200-ER (Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA)) careyvan208
22/03/2006 68-10935 C-130-E (United States Air Force) careyvan208
22/03/2006 86-0414 Lockheed-C-130H (USAF) careyvan208
21/03/2006 62-3512 KC-135-KC-A (United States Air Force) careyvan208
16/03/2006 N387GC King Air 65-C90B (Rushton Air Inc) careyvan208
16/03/2006 N769NC DC-9-51 (Northwest Airlines) careyvan208
15/03/2006 61-0323 KC-135-KC-A (United States Air Force) careyvan208