Hawarden Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
28/02/2019 T7-SMA BAe 125-1000B (Private Operator) frank
16/02/2019 F-WBXL A330-743L Beluga XL (Airbus Transport International) sirlordio
14/12/2018 F-GSTC A300-605ST (Airbus Industrie) Overwatch
31/10/2018 M-FRZN CL-605- (Iceland Foods Ltd) seapaddler
31/10/2018 G-SKBD Beech 400A (Sky Border Logistics Ltd) seapaddler
04/06/2018 TN-AJE Raytheon/Hawker 125-800A (Equajet) Woody1380
13/05/2018 CS-DRX Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XPi (Netjets Europe) Polehill
29/03/2018 F-GSTF A300-608ST (Airbus Industrie) BEagle1966
01/02/2018 G-GARE 560XLS Citation-Excel + (Virtus Aviation Ltd) Polehill
18/11/2017 F-GSTF A300-608ST (Airbus Industrie) ap86316
27/10/2017 G-NOSE Cessna-402B Utililiner (Reconnaissance Ventures) Polehill
26/10/2017 G-CHMR ERJ-145-MP (Eastern Airways) TomCrippsTrains
22/10/2017 G-CGWV ERJ-145-MP (Eastern Airways) Spitfire230
22/10/2017 F-GTSD Saab 2000 (Regional Airlines) Spitfire230
22/10/2017 G-ODIP -Aviat Husky (Private) Spitfire230
22/10/2017 M-ETAL -Piaggio P180 Avanti (Private) Spitfire230
22/10/2017 G-BYMD -Piper PA-38 Tomahawk (Private (Hawarden Flying School)) Spitfire230
22/10/2017 G-NINC -Piper PA-28 Cherokee (Private (Hawarden Flying School)) Spitfire230
06/09/2017 F-GSTB A300B4-608ST Beluga (Airbus Industrie) pbrad218
06/09/2017 G-CEFM Cessna 152 (Cristal Air Ltd) pbrad218
06/09/2017 M-FRZN CL-605- (Iceland Foods Ltd) pbrad218
06/09/2017 M-TSRI Beech 90-King Air (Timpson Ltd) pbrad218
06/09/2017 CS-DXG Cessna 560 Citation Excel (Netjets Europe) pbrad218
06/09/2017 CS-DUC Hawker Beechcraft 125-750 (Netjets Europe) pbrad218
06/09/2017 G-GARE 560XLS Citation-Excel + (Virtus Aviation Ltd) pbrad218
14/08/2017 2-PLAY Socata TBM-700 (N700 VB) Gary
01/08/2017 G-CIKM -Private Light () Richard M-J
16/06/2017 G-WOOD -Private Light () Richard M-J
14/06/2017 G-LCFC A-109-S Grand (Ceilo del Rey Co Ltd) Richard M-J
04/06/2017 G-MISK -HELICOPTER () Richard M-J
19/05/2017 G-GIGA Vulcanair-P68C (Apem Aviation) Polehill
27/03/2017 G-CISK ERJ-145-LU (Eastern Airways) Richard M-J
27/03/2017 G-HXTD () Richard M-J
26/03/2017 G-RVLZ () Richard M-J
16/03/2017 G-CHMR ERJ-145-MP (Eastern Airways) SteveGarner
01/03/2017 G-GBAS () Richard M-J
16/01/2017 M-GCAP P.180 Avanti II (Greenshill Capital (IOM) Ltd) Richard M-J
14/12/2016 G-CIXV ERJ-170-LR (ERJ-170-100 LR) (Eastern Airways) Richard M-J
01/11/2016 G-IWFC -Private Light () Richard M-J
31/10/2016 G-NLFA -Private Light () Richard M-J
13/09/2016 N711TL Piper-PA60-700P Aerostar (Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee) Polehill
09/09/2016 N616CM -Light (Private) Richard M-J
06/09/2016 G-SPVK AS350-B3 (Stratos Aviation LLP) Richard M-J
06/09/2016 G-VIPP Piper Pa-31-Navajo (Flight Calibration Services Ltd) Richard M-J
01/09/2016 G-CISK ERJ-145LU (Eastern Airways) Polehill
22/08/2016 G-WVIP King Air 200 (Capital Trading (Aviation) Ltd) Richard M-J
22/08/2016 OK-TCA Let L-410 (Manx2) Richard M-J