Cologne Bonn Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
09/04/2021 LZ-CGY 737-49R (Cargo Air) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 N702CA 747-412 (National Airlines) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 N363UP 767-346(ER) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 EI-DAD 737-8AS(WL) (ASL Airlines Ireland) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 D-ABMQ 737-86J(WL) (Eurowings) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 EI-EBX 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 TC-NCJ A320-251N(WL) (Pegasus) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 N865FD 777-F (Federal Express (FedEx)) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 N594FE MD-11 (Federal Express (FedEx)) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 N968FD 757-28A (Federal Express (FedEx)) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 D-AZMO A300-F4-622R (EAT Leipzig) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 YR-BAG 737-5L9 (Blue Air) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 EI-STS 737-48E (ASL Airlines (Ireland)) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 9H-QEP 737-800(WL) (Malta Air) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 D-ABUI 767-330(ER)(WL) (Condor) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 140104 CP-140-Aurora (Royal Canadian Air Force) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 N219CY 767-383(ER) (ABX Air) Cologne_Spotter
09/04/2021 N594FE MD-11 (Federal Express (FedEx))
09/04/2021 LZ-CGV 737-405 (Cargo Air) DT
08/04/2021 N594FE MD-11 (Federal Express (FedEx)) Cologne_Spotter
08/04/2021 D-ABUP 767-3Q8(ER)(WL) (Condor) Cologne_Spotter
08/04/2021 OY-SRN 767-219(ER) (Star Air) Cologne_Spotter
08/04/2021 N608UP 747-8F (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Cologne_Spotter
08/04/2021 140104 CP-140 Aurora (Royal Canadian Air Force)
07/04/2021 CS-PHL EMB-505 Phenom 300 (Netjets Europe)
04/04/2021 N95NA Gulfstream V (NASA-National Aeronautics & Space Administration) Cologne_Spotter
04/04/2021 C-FPIJ 767-33A(ER) (Cargojet Airways) Cologne_Spotter
04/04/2021 177705 C-17-A (Royal Canadian Air Force) Cologne_Spotter
04/04/2021 N604GF Challenger 604 (TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee) Cologne_Spotter
04/04/2021 N892FD 777-FS2 (Federal Express (FedEx)) Cologne_Spotter
04/04/2021 N587FE MD-11 (Federal Express (FedEx)) Cologne_Spotter
04/04/2021 N362UP 767-346(ER) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Cologne_Spotter
04/04/2021 OY-SRU 767-36N(ER) (Star Air) Cologne_Spotter
04/04/2021 C-FCCJ 767-323(ER)(WL) (Cargojet Airways) Cologne_Spotter
04/04/2021 PH-IWS Dassault-Falcon 7X (Exxaero International) Cologne_Spotter
03/04/2021 T-056 A330-243MRTT (NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization) erdni
03/04/2021 C-FCCJ 767-323(ER)(WL) (Cargojet Airways) erdni
03/04/2021 N604GF Challenger 604- (TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee) erdni
03/04/2021 9H-QEP 737-800(WL) (Malta Air) erdni
03/04/2021 N618UP 747-8F (United Parcel Service (UPS)) erdni
03/04/2021 M-SPBM Challenger 605 (Private Owner) erdni
03/04/2021 9H-QCW 737-8AS(WL) (Malta Air) erdni
03/04/2021 LZ-CGY 737-49R (Cargo Air) erdni
03/04/2021 D-ACJJ ERJ-190LR (ERJ-190-100 LR) (German Airways) erdni
03/04/2021 CS-GLE BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 (Netjets Europe)
03/04/2021 OY-SRU 767-36N(ER) (Star Air) Franzen
03/04/2021 OY-SRW 767-346F(ER)(WL) (Star Air) Franzen