Xinzheng Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
10/11/2019 B-1156 Boeing-737-400 (Longhao Airlines) Jens67
08/11/2019 B-2891 737-46J (China Postal Airlines) Jens67
08/11/2019 B-2981 737-3W0 (SF Airlines (ShunFeng Airlines)) Jens67
08/11/2019 B-2572 737-39P (China Eastern Airlines) Jens67
08/11/2019 B-2696 737-81B (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
08/11/2019 B-1176 737-8 MAX (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
08/11/2019 B-1923 737-86N(WL) (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
08/11/2019 B-2119 737-332 (Suparna Airlines) Jens67
08/11/2019 B-1401 737-800(WL) (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
08/11/2019 B-2845 757-2Z0 (SF Airlines (ShunFeng Airlines)) Jens67
08/11/2019 N477MC 747-47UF (Atlas Air) Jens67
13/06/2019 VP-BCH 747-467F (Sky Gates Airlines) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-2983 737-3W0 (China Yunnan Airlines) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-7797 CRJ-200-ER Challenger 850 (Zhonggeng Group) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-8373 Gulfstream G550 (Man Sang International General Aviation Co) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-1979 737-86N(WL) (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-5042 737-81B(WL) (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-1146 737-8 MAX (Shenzhen Airlines) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-207D 737-8 MAX (Shenzhen Airlines) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-207E 737-8 MAX (Shenzhen Airlines) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-1160 737-8 MAX (Shenzhen Airlines) Jens67
12/06/2019 B-206M 737-8 MAX (Shenzhen Airlines) Jens67
05/01/2019 B-2812 757-28S (YTO Cargo Airlines) Jens67
05/01/2019 B-2892 737-46J (China Postal Airlines) Jens67
05/01/2019 B-6837 A320-232 (Tianjin Airlines) Jens67
05/01/2019 B-LNV A330-243F (Hong Kong Airlines) Jens67
05/01/2019 B-207G 737-800(WL) (Shanghai Airlines) Jens67
05/01/2019 B-8243 A320-214(WL) (Loong Air) Jens67
05/01/2019 B-1898 A320-232(WL) (China West Air) Jens67
04/01/2019 B-1980 737-86N(WL) (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
04/01/2019 B-1257 Boeing-757 (SF Airlines) Jens67
04/01/2019 B-3029 Gulfstream G450 (Business Aviation Asia) Jens67
04/01/2019 B-3288 Gulfstream G650ER (Private Operator) Jens67
25/12/2018 LX-FCL 747-467 (Cargolux Airlines International) Jens67
25/12/2018 B-1270 737-800(WL) (Jiangxi Air) Jens67
25/12/2018 B-5040 737-81B(WL) (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
25/12/2018 B-5022 737-81B(WL) (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
25/12/2018 B-5745 737-81B(WL) (China Southern Airlines) Jens67
15/08/2017 XU-717 A320-232 (Sky Angkor Airlines) DeMo Bo
17/07/2005 B-2959 737-31B (China Southern Airlines) berniahaus