Port Columbus International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
23/02/2020 N418YX ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (American Eagle) AndyL
23/02/2020 N9017P A319-112(WL) (American Airlines) AndyL
23/02/2020 N220WN 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) AndyL
23/02/2020 C-GBIK A319-114 (Air Canada) AndyL
23/02/2020 N17169 ERJ-145-XR (CommutAir) AndyL
23/02/2020 N87353 ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (United Express) AndyL
20/02/2020 N115HQ ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (American Eagle) AndyL
20/02/2020 N85354 ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (United Express) AndyL
20/02/2020 N901MW SE-210 Caravelle-VIR (ABX Air) AndyL
10/08/2019 N701GS 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) icelandair757
27/07/2019 N854VA A320-214 (Alaska Airlines) icelandair757
10/06/2019 N758SW 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) savethemanuals
20/10/2018 N529EA CRJ-702-ER (American Eagle) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N432YX ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (American Eagle) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N144YD 525A Citation-Jet II (Pinnacle Aviation Group LLC) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N427YX ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (American Eagle) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N8550Q 737-800(WL) (Southwest Airlines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N420CL Dassault Falcon-50 (T & G Aviation LLC) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N924WN 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N984DL MD-88 (Delta Air Lines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N843AE ERJ-140-LR (American Eagle) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N826SK CRJ-900LR (Delta Connection) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N14162 ERJ-145-XR (ExpressJet Airlines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N860RW ERJ-170-SE (ERJ-170-100 SE) (Republic Airlines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N591NN CRJ-900LR (American Eagle) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N456ZW CRJ-200-ER (Air Wisconsin) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N329FR A320-251N(WL) (Frontier Airlines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N203JQ ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (Delta Connection) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N994DL MD-88 (Delta Air Lines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N690NK A320-232(WL) (Spirit Airlines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N9621A MD-83 (American Airlines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N287WN 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) INDspotter
20/10/2018 N958WN 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) INDspotter
29/08/2018 N410YX ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (American Eagle) bosshep
15/01/2018 N91PR 560 Citation-XLS+ (Primrose Retirement Communities LLC) Kabuff
04/11/2017 N968TW MD-83 (American Airlines) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N574NN CRJ-900 (American Eagle) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N902MW SE-210 Caravelle-VIR (ABX Air) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N75436 737-924(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 C-GKEK CRJ-200LR (Air Canada Express) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N516LR CRJ-701-LR (Mesa Airlines) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N133HQ ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (Republic Airlines) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N15983 ERJ-145-LR (ExpressJet Airlines) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N910DE MD-88 (Delta Air Lines) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N11150 ERJ-145XR (ExpressJet Airlines) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N108HQ ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (Republic Airlines) blue_aviator77
04/11/2017 N11187 ERJ-145XR (ExpressJet Airlines) blue_aviator77