Covilha Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
12/01/2018 G-BTPE Bae ATP (Atlantic Airlines) MYVIMAN
12/01/2018 G-BTPF Bae ATP (Atlantic Airlines) MYVIMAN
12/01/2018 G-BTPG Bae ATP (Atlantic Airlines) MYVIMAN
12/01/2018 G-BTPH Bae ATP (Atlantic Airlines) MYVIMAN
01/01/2011 G-THOB 737-5L9 (Thomsonfly) mick turner
01/01/2011 G-THOA 737-5L9 (Thomsonfly) mick turner
01/01/2011 G-THOI 737-36Q (Thomson Airways) mick turner
01/01/2011 G-LOFD L-188 Electra-A (Atlantic Airlines) mick turner
28/10/2009 LX-WAT Bae ATP (West Air Luxembourg) WednesdayLee
16/04/2008 G-BTPA Bae ATP (Atlantic Airlines) WednesdayLee
16/04/2008 KK116 DC-3C-R-1830-90C (Royal Air Force) WednesdayLee
16/04/2008 G-BTPL Bae ATP- (European Turboprop Management AB) WednesdayLee
26/06/2007 G-THON 737-36N (Thomsonfly) andyha1
26/06/2007 G-CEIM Robinson R-44 (Private Owner) andyha1
26/06/2007 G-MEDS Augusta A109E (Private Owner) andyha1
26/06/2007 G-WARH Piper PA28 (Private Owner) andyha1
26/06/2007 N54105 Cirrus SR22 (Private Owner) andyha1
26/06/2007 N554RB Beech 55 (Private Owner) andyha1
26/06/2007 TC-MBG F-27 Friendship-500 (MNG Airlines) andyha1
26/06/2007 HB-AFC ATR42-320 (Farnair Switzerland) andyha1
10/02/2007 G-THOO 737-33V (Thomsonfly) mick turner
10/02/2007 G-THOD 737-59D (ThomsonFly) mick turner
10/02/2007 G-THOC 737-59D (Thomsonfly) mick turner
10/02/2007 HB-AFC ATR42-320 (Farnair Europe) mick turner
10/02/2007 G-PKRG 560 Citation-XLS (Parkridge (Aviation) Ltd) mick turner
10/02/2007 G-JEMB ATP (Emerald Airways) mick turner
10/02/2007 G-HERM ATR72-201 (Atlantic Air Transport) mick turner
10/02/2007 G-DRFC ATR42-300 (Atlantic Airlines) mick turner
10/02/2007 YL-RAG Saab 340-A (Raf-Avia) mick turner
16/10/2006 D-CCCC Merlin II- (BinAir Aero Service) WednesdayLee
06/10/2006 D-BOBU DHC-8-300 (Cirrus Airlines) WednesdayLee
06/10/2006 G-THOD 737-500 (Thomsonfly) WednesdayLee
06/10/2006 HB-AFC ATR 42-320 (Farnair Switzerland) WednesdayLee
06/10/2006 OE-GAD 550 Citation-II (Airlink Luftverkehrs GmbH) WednesdayLee
14/08/2006 G-AYIM HS-748-2A/270 (Emerald Airways) andyha1
14/08/2006 G-ORCP HS-748-2/242 (Emerald Airways) andyha1
14/08/2006 N170SW Global 5000 (Wal-Mart Stores Inc) andyha1
04/03/2006 G-RHUM ATR 42-300 (Air Atlantique) WednesdayLee
04/03/2006 G-HERM ATR 72-201 (Atlantic Air Transport) WednesdayLee
04/12/2005 G-RHUM ATR42-300 (Air Atlantique) andyha1
04/12/2005 G-HERM ATR72-201 (Atlantic Air Transport) andyha1
05/12/2004 G-THOB 737-5L9 (Thomsonfly) andyha1
05/12/2004 G-EYES Cessna-402C (Atlantic Air Transport Ltd) andyha1
05/12/2004 G-BOFM Cessna-152 (Private Owner) andyha1
05/12/2004 G-BOZR Cessna-152 (Private Owner) andyha1
05/12/2004 G-BPFB Colt-77A (Private Owner) andyha1
05/12/2004 G-OGEM Piper-PA28 (Private Owner) andyha1