Cape Town International Airport

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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
18/09/2016 N613CL Cessna 680A Citation Latitude (Cessna Aircraft Company) Ray.Bergh
17/05/2016 ZS-VIP Gulfstream III- (Landonia Trust CC) Ray.Bergh
24/03/2016 ZS-RVL Pilatus PC-12- (Little River Trading 211 (Pty) Ltd) Ray.Bergh
11/03/2016 A6-ECM 777-36N(ER) (Emirates) ronaldo26
12/02/2016 ZS-NMK CRJ-200-ER (MGC Airlines) ronaldo26
12/02/2016 ZS-SJB 737-8S3(W) (South African Airways) ronaldo26
12/02/2016 ZS-NRI Jetstream 41 (South African Airlink) ronaldo26
12/02/2016 ZS-SXD A340-313E (South African Airways) ronaldo26
12/02/2016 G-CIVL 747-436 (British Airways) ronaldo26
12/02/2016 A7-BCA 787-8 Dreamliner (Qatar Airways) ronaldo26
27/01/2016 ZS-SYO RJ85 (South African Airlink) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-ASW RJ85 (South African Airlink) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-SZD A320-232 (South African Airways) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-NMH CRJ-200-ER (South African Express Airways) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-ZWR 737-85P(WL) (Comair-Kulula) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-ZWI 737-85R (Comair) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-ZWB 737-8LD(WL) (Comair-Kulula) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-ZWC 737-8LD(WL) (Comair-Kulula) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-ZWT 737-8K5(WL) (Comair-Kulula) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-YBX DHC-8-402NG (South African Express Airways) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-NMJ CRJ-200-ER (MGC Airlines) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 V5-ANM A319-112 (Air Namibia) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 A7-BCQ 787-8 Dreamliner (Qatar Airways) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-OAV 737-4H6 (Comair) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-OAO 737-4S3 (Comair) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-SJE 737-85F(W) (South African Airways) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-SJK 737-8BG(WL) (Mango) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-JRI 737-4Q8 (FlySafair) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 A6-ECC 777-36N(ER) (Emirates) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-KAL Pilatus PC-12 (Fireblade Investments Ltd) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-RVL Pilatus PC-12 (Little River Trading 211 (Pty) Ltd) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-OMB Beech 1900D (Cemair) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-BBJ ERJ-145-LR (Solenta Aviation) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 ZS-SNC A340-642 (South African Airways) FerryPNL
27/01/2016 TC-JDN A340-313E (Turkish Airlines) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-IAB 737-210C (Africa Charter Airlines) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-SID 737-244F (Africa Charter Airlines) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-SMJ 737-3Y0(QC) (Safair) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-OZV DC-8-62H (Stars Away Aviation) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-ZWE 737-8LD(WL) (Comair-Kulula) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-ZWA 737-8LD(WL) (Comair-Kulula) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-ZWF 737-8LD(WL) (Comair-Kulula) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-NMF CRJ-200-LR (South African Express Airways) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-SJA 737-8S3(W) (South African Airways) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-SJC 737-85F(WL) (South African Airways) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-JRD 737-4Y0 (FlySafair) FerryPNL
24/01/2016 ZS-JRL 737-46M (FlySafair) FerryPNL