Vancouver International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
19/05/2020 B-304V A350-941 (Sichuan Airlines) VHarvey
19/05/2020 B-6138 A380-841 (China Southern Airlines) VHarvey
19/05/2020 A7-BAG 777-3DZ(ER) (Qatar Airways) VHarvey
12/05/2020 VP-CAE Gulfstream G550 (TAG Aviation Asia) VHarvey
05/05/2020 N181FE 767-300F(ER) (Federal Express (FedEx)) VHarvey
05/05/2020 B-6140 A380-841 (China Southern Airlines) VHarvey
02/05/2020 A7-BEP 777-300(ER) (Qatar Airways) VHarvey
28/04/2020 B-2769 787-8 Dreamliner (Xiamen Airlines) VHarvey
28/04/2020 B-6137 A380-841 (China Southern Airlines) VHarvey
27/04/2020 N3333U BD-700-1A11 Global 5000 (Wilmington Trust Co Trustee) VHarvey
14/04/2020 RP-C3501 A350-941 (Philippine Airlines) VHarvey
14/04/2020 N174FE 767-300F(ER) (Federal Express (FedEx)) VHarvey
13/04/2020 144617 Challenger-604 (Canadian Armed Forces) jcla
10/04/2020 C-FVRJ DHC-8-102A (Central Mountain Air) VHarvey
21/03/2020 N700KW 767-336(ER) (Eastern Airlines(2018)) VHarvey
21/03/2020 N564QS 680A Citation-Latitude (NetJets Sales Inc) VHarvey
21/03/2020 N262SY ERJ-175LL (ERJ-170-200 LL) (Delta Connection) VHarvey
21/03/2020 C-GXPG Raytheon-Hawker 800XP (Air Partners Corp) VHarvey
21/03/2020 N189SY ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (Alaska Airlines) VHarvey
16/03/2020 B-LRU A350-941 (Cathay Pacific Airways) VHarvey
14/03/2020 N950AM 737-852(WL) (Aeromexico) VHarvey
14/03/2020 F-OVAA 787-9 Dreamliner (Air Tahiti Nui) VHarvey
14/03/2020 N183SY ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (Alaska Airlines) VHarvey
14/03/2020 N891DN 737-900(ER)(WL) (Delta Air Lines) VHarvey
14/03/2020 N415PC 525B CitationJet-Cj3 (Blue Jay Air LLC) VHarvey
14/03/2020 C-GCIH Learjet 60- (Executive Air Craft Ltd) VHarvey
07/03/2020 OK-VEA Gulfstream G650 (ABS Jets) VHarvey
07/03/2020 N195SY ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (Alaska Airlines) VHarvey
07/03/2020 C-FYTZ CL-605 (Image Air Charter Ltd) VHarvey
07/03/2020 N778QS Challenger 350 (NetJets Sales Inc) VHarvey
07/03/2020 N690PC 690A Turbo Commander- (Gemini Air Group Inc) VHarvey
04/03/2020 N80EJ PH100- (Bank of Utah Trustee) VHarvey
04/03/2020 N12JK 560XLS Citation-Excel (Pacific Coast Jet) VHarvey
03/03/2020 N550KR Gulfstream G550 (N550KR LLC) VHarvey
03/03/2020 N905NN 737-823(WL) (American Airlines) VHarvey
02/03/2020 N297AP Dassault Falcon-900 (Hamaker Holdings LLC) VHarvey
02/03/2020 N482MG Raytheon/Hawker 125-900XP (Gates Group Air LLC) VHarvey
29/02/2020 N883SJ Gulfstream G550- (Bank of Utah Trustee) VHarvey
29/02/2020 N600GF EMB-505 Phenom 300 (Premi LLC) VHarvey
27/02/2020 VP-CVS Dassault Falcon-900EXE (International Jet Management) VHarvey
27/02/2020 N53NA ERJ-135-BJ Legacy (BD Advisors LLC) VHarvey
27/02/2020 N786QV Hawker 900XP- (NQV LLC) VHarvey
27/02/2020 N622N Challenger 300- (Nicholas Services LLC) VHarvey
27/02/2020 B-8383 A330-343 (Air China) VHarvey
27/02/2020 N293SY ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (Delta Connection) VHarvey
27/02/2020 N131FE 767-3S2F(ER) (Federal Express (FedEx)) VHarvey
25/02/2020 N281SY ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (Delta Connection) VHarvey