King Shaka International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
21/07/2017 ZS-TGN 737-3B7 (Star Air Cargo) Davelize
21/07/2017 ZS-SXZ A330-243 (South African Airways) Davelize
27/06/2017 ZS-ONG Dassault Falcon-50EX (Falconair) Davelize
27/06/2017 ZS-ACT Bombardier BD100-CL300 (Searay BD100 Charters Partnership) Davelize
27/06/2017 ET-AQN 737-860(WL) (Ethiopian Airlines) Davelize
27/06/2017 TC-JNR A330-343 (Turkish Airlines) Davelize
11/05/2017 S7-SIL A320-232 (Air Seychelles) Davelize
11/05/2017 ZS-SJM 737-85F(WL) (South African Airways) Davelize
10/05/2017 ET-ARD 737-7Q8(WL) (Ethiopian Airlines) Davelize
05/05/2017 A6-ENB 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) Davelize
10/04/2017 TC-JNP A330-343 (Turkish Airlines) Davelize
10/04/2017 A7-BCS 787-8 Dreamliner (Qatar Airways) Davelize
10/04/2017 ZS-CPD Pilatus PC-12 (Teichmann Plant Hire (Pty) Ltd) Davelize
10/04/2017 ZS-TBC Cessna-206H Stationair (Private) Davelize
10/04/2017 ZS-PLN Beech-King air 90 (Private) Davelize
08/04/2017 A7-BCN 787-8 Dreamliner (Qatar Airways) Davelize
08/04/2017 A6-ENW 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) Davelize
30/03/2017 ZS-OTN ERJ-135-LR (South African Airlink) Davelize
30/03/2017 ZS-SZZ A320-232 (South African Airways) Davelize
30/03/2017 ZS-ZWB 737-8LD(WL) ( Davelize
30/03/2017 TC-JNL A330-343 (Turkish Airlines) Davelize
30/03/2017 UR-82008 Antonov An-124-100 (Antonov Design Bureau) Davelize
30/03/2017 ZS-NRI Jetstream 41- (South African Airlink) Davelize
30/03/2017 ZS-COH Pilatus PC-12- (Crookes Brothers Ltd) Davelize
30/03/2017 S7-AMI A320-232 (Air Seychelles) Davelize
30/03/2017 9J-PZA CRJ-100ER (Proflight Air Services) Davelize
30/03/2017 ZS-SJR 737-844(WL) (FlySafair) Davelize
17/02/2017 ZS-ZWF 737-8LD(WL) ( Davelize
17/02/2017 ZS-OAM 737-4S3 (Comair(ZS)) Davelize
17/02/2017 ZS-OAV 737-4H6 (Comair(ZS)) Davelize
17/02/2017 ET-ALM 737-760(WL) (Ethiopian Airlines) Davelize
17/02/2017 V5-ANI ERJ-145-ER (Air Namibia) Davelize
17/02/2017 ZS-BBH ERJ-145-LR (South African Express Airways) Davelize
17/02/2017 ZS-CSB PH300 (Choppies Distribution Centre (Pty) Ltd) Davelize
17/02/2017 ZS-JRI 737-4Q8 (FlySafair) Davelize
17/02/2017 ZS-SFL A319-131 (South African Airways) Davelize
17/02/2017 ZS-SJA 737-8S3(WL) (Mango) Davelize
17/02/2017 ZS-SJS 737-844(WL) (FlySafair) Davelize
17/02/2017 405 C-130-BZ Hercules (SAAF - South African Air Force) Davelize
17/02/2017 408 C-130-BZ Hercules (SAAF - South African Air Force) Davelize
31/01/2017 ZS-PEL Antonov-AN-32B (African sky cargo) Davelize
25/01/2017 ZS-BBD ERJ-145-LU (Solenta Aviation) Davelize
25/01/2017 ET-APF 737-860(WL) (Ethiopian Airlines) Davelize
14/01/2017 3B-NBF A319-112 (Air Mauritius) Davelize
14/01/2017 ZS-YBW DHC-8-402NG (South African Express Airways) Davelize
05/01/2017 ZS-SFH A319-131 (South African Airways) Davelize
05/01/2017 TC-LJF 777-3F2(ER) (Turkish Airlines) Davelize