Liège Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
01/09/2021 TF-AMM 747-4H6 (Astral Aviation) FerryPNL
28/08/2021 ER-BBE 747-4D7 (Aerotranscargo) FerryPNL
22/08/2021 EC-NIV 757-223(WL) (Swiftair) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 N347CM 767-323(ER)(WL) (Amerijet International) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 OE-IAY 737-4Q8 (ASL Airlines Belgium) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 OE-ILC 747-409F (ASL Airlines Belgium) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 OE-IXA 737-8AS(WL) (Federal Express (FedEx)) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 OE-LFE 757-28A (ASL Airlines Belgium) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 OO-CGM A330-243F (Air Belgium) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 OO-JAS 737-7K5(WL) (TUI Airlines Belgium) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 TF-AMB 747-412F (Saudi Arabian Airlines) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 TF-AMI 747-412 (Magma Aviation) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 TF-AMM 747-4H6 (Astral Aviation) 19EHAM66
22/08/2021 TF-AMU 747-48EF (Astral Aviation) 19EHAM66
21/08/2021 OO-ACF 747-4EVF(ER) (Challenge Airlines) DT
21/08/2021 OE-IFK 747-4KZF (ASL Airlines Belgium) DT
14/08/2021 TC-MCT 747-412F (ACT Airlines) erdni
27/07/2021 OO-ACF 747-4EVF(ER) (Challenge Airlines) Quentin
27/07/2021 ER-BBE 747-4D7 (Aerotranscargo) Quentin
27/07/2021 TF-AMN 747-4F6 (Magma Aviation) Quentin
27/07/2021 TF-BBG 737-36E (Bluebird Nordic) Quentin
27/07/2021 ER-BBB 747-433 (Aerotranscargo) Quentin
27/07/2021 OE-IFM 747-4KZF (ASL Airlines Ireland) Quentin
27/07/2021 TF-AMA 747-45E (Saudi Arabian Airlines) Quentin
27/07/2021 A7-BFX 777-F (Qatar Airways Cargo) Quentin
27/07/2021 G-CLBA 747-428F(ER) (Cargologicair) Quentin
27/07/2021 OO-CMA A330-243F (Air Belgium) Quentin
25/07/2021 N892FD 777-FS2 (Federal Express (FedEx)) FerryPNL
16/07/2021 G-KSST Agusta AW169 (Specialist Aviation Services Ltd) FerryPNL
23/06/2021 278 AW.139 (Irish Air Corps) Erazkiel
23/06/2021 OE-IFB 747-4B5F(ER) (ASL Airlines Belgium) Erazkiel
23/06/2021 N891FD 777-FS2 (Federal Express (FedEx)) Erazkiel
23/06/2021 ER-BBE 747-4D7 (Aerotranscargo) Erazkiel
23/06/2021 EI-GOT A330-323E (I-Fly) Erazkiel
12/06/2021 OO-SEA A330-243F (Air Belgium) erdni
12/06/2021 F-GIXN 737-4Y0 (ASL Airlines France) erdni
12/06/2021 F-GZTQ 737-73S(WL) (ASL Airlines France) erdni
12/06/2021 OE-IAB 737-4Z9 (ASL Airlines Belgium) erdni
12/06/2021 OE-IXA 737-8AS(WL) (Federal Express (FedEx)) erdni
12/06/2021 N845FD 777-F (Federal Express (FedEx)) erdni
12/06/2021 OE-IXA 737-8AS(WL) (Federal Express (FedEx)) Franzen
12/06/2021 N845FD 777-F (Federal Express (FedEx)) Franzen
12/06/2021 OO-SEA A330-243F (Air Belgium) Franzen
12/06/2021 ER-BAJ 747-412 (Aerotranscargo) Franzen
12/06/2021 F-GZTQ 737-73S(WL) (ASL Airlines France) Franzen
22/05/2021 EW-485TI Antonov An-12BP (Ruby Star Airways) Franzen
22/05/2021 OO-CMA A330-243F (Air Belgium) erdni