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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
31/05/2020 UA+112 Gannet AS.4 (Technik Museum Speyer) erdni
31/05/2020 95+06 (637) Mi-14PL Haze (Technik Museum Speyer) erdni
31/05/2020 22+01 (26+63) F-104G Starfighter (Technik Museum Speyer) erdni
31/05/2020 28+08 (0828) L-39ZO Albatros (Technik Museum Speyer) erdni
31/05/2020 20+46 F-104G Starfighter (Pfalz Flugzeuwerke Speyer) erdni
31/05/2020 52+04 An-26T Curl (Technik Museum Speyer) erdni
31/05/2020 OY-TOR Fokker 614 (Speyer Technikmuseum) Franzen
31/05/2020 UR-64460 An-22 (Antonov Design Bureau) Franzen
31/05/2020 50+99 C-160D Transall (Technical Museum Speyer) Franzen
31/05/2020 F-ZBAR(21) Canadair 215-1A10 (Securite Civile) Franzen
31/05/2020 D-ANAF Vickers/BAC Viscount-814 (Lufthansa) Franzen
31/05/2020 OY-TOR Fokker 614 (Speyer Technikmuseum) erdni
31/05/2020 UR-64460 An-22 (Antonov Design Bureau) erdni
31/05/2020 50+99 C-160D Transall (Technical Museum Speyer) erdni
31/05/2020 F-ZBAR(21) Canadair 215-1A10 (Securite Civile) erdni
31/05/2020 F-BTTB Dassault Mercure-100 (Air Inter) erdni
31/05/2020 D-ANAF Vickers/BAC Viscount-814 (Lufthansa) erdni
31/05/2020 D-ABYM 747-230B (Lufthansa) erdni
31/05/2020 98+34 (13) Mi-24P Hind (Technik Museum Speyer) erdni
11/04/2020 D-ABYM 747-230B (Lufthansa) ollym2015
11/04/2020 UR-64460 An-22 (Antonov Design Bureau) ollym2015
15/04/2019 D-MMMD JMB Aircraft VL-3 Junior (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MIRL Tecnam P.92 Echo (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MWNM Dallach D.3 Sunwheel (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MEZI Zenair CH-602-XL Zodiac (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MFCS Autogyro MTO Sport (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MKGK Magni M-24 Orion (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MILU Ultraleicht Bi-90 (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-EFOU Dallach D4/E-BK/RS Fascination (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MORA Breezer B600 (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MHWY Roko Aero NG6 UL (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-ECFR Cessna F150K (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-IDVL Beech 65 Queen Air (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MSNJ Zenair CH-601-D Zodiac (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-HEHA Eurocopter EC.120B Colibri (Transavia Fluggesellschaft) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-EZOF Pa-28-181 Archer II (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-ERJF Grob G.115A (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-MNEV Evektor EV.97 Eurostar (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-EFTA Aquila A-211 (Private (Speyer)) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-ITRA Ce.525 Citation Jet 1 (Transavia Fluggesellschaft) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 D-BEKY Dassault Falcon-2000LX (BASF AG) rshaw41459
15/04/2019 N220TA Pitts S-2B Special (Aircraft Partner Holdings Inc Trustee) rshaw41459
02/03/2019 PH-IPL Reims F172 (Private) Will737
17/04/2010 D-ANAF Vickers/BAC Viscount-814 (Lufthansa) FerryPNL
17/04/2010 UR-64460 An22 (Antonov Design Bureau) FerryPNL
17/04/2010 F-BGNU Vickers/BAC Viscount-708 (Air Inter) FerryPNL
17/04/2010 OK-PAI Il-18-E (Czech Airlines (CSA)) FerryPNL