Kemble Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
20/07/2019 LY-VEF A320-214 (Avion Express) WOODY757
20/07/2019 2-MNBV A321-231 (China Aircraft Leasing Company (CALC)) WOODY757
20/07/2019 HA-SHA 737-505 (Solyom Hungarian Airways) WOODY757
20/07/2019 EZ-A107 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) WOODY757
20/07/2019 EZ-A106 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) WOODY757
20/07/2019 EZ-A102 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) WOODY757
20/07/2019 EZ-A101 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) WOODY757
19/07/2019 G-CELX 737-377 (Jet2) sirlordio
19/07/2019 EZ-A102 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) sirlordio
19/07/2019 YL-LCN A320-211 (SmartLynx) sirlordio
19/07/2019 M-FTOH 727-269 (Strong Aviation) sirlordio
19/07/2019 G-CELO 737-33A (Jet2) sirlordio
19/07/2019 EZ-A101 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) sirlordio
19/07/2019 SP-HAI A320-233 (Small Planet Airlines Poland) sirlordio
19/07/2019 G-CELI 737-330(WL) (Jet2) sirlordio
19/07/2019 D-AGEL 737-75B(WL) (Germania) sirlordio
19/07/2019 XH135 Canberra-PR.9 (Royal Air Force) sirlordio
19/07/2019 EI-CJY 757-2Y0 (I-Fly) sirlordio
19/07/2019 D-AGEP 737-75B(WL) (Germania) sirlordio
19/07/2019 D-AGEN 737-75B(WL) (Germania) sirlordio
19/07/2019 XM496 Bristol Britannia-253 (Britannia Aircraft Preservation Fund) sirlordio
19/07/2019 XE665 Hunter-T.8C (Royal Navy) sirlordio
19/07/2019 XR540 Gnat-T.1 (Royal Air Force) sirlordio
19/07/2019 TF-ISZ 757-223(WL) (Icelandair) sirlordio
19/07/2019 2-AGCC A340-642 (Castlelake) sirlordio
19/07/2019 G-MKGA 747-2R7F (MK Airlines) sirlordio
19/07/2019 2-AGDD A340-642 (Castlelake) sirlordio
08/07/2019 G-CELO 737-33A (Jet2) Noel
06/07/2019 LZ-AWS A321-112 (DAE Capital) Noel
03/07/2019 G-MKGA 747-2R7F (MK Airlines) Flygalen
03/07/2019 M-FTOH 727-269 (Strong Aviation) Flygalen
03/07/2019 2-MMTT 727-76 (Platinum Services) Flygalen
03/07/2019 EI-RUJ 737-81Q (Transaero Airlines) Flygalen
03/07/2019 SP-HAI A320-233 (Small Planet Airlines Poland) Flygalen
03/07/2019 B-2371 A321-231 (Sichuan Airlines) Flygalen
03/07/2019 Z-FJE A319-132 (Fastjet) Flygalen
03/07/2019 EZ-A101 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) Flygalen
30/06/2019 A6-LRC 777-237(LR) (Etihad Airways) Mathega
30/06/2019 D-AGEL 737-75B(WL) (Germania) Mathega
30/06/2019 D-AGEN 737-75B(WL) (Germania) Mathega
30/06/2019 D-AGEP 737-75B(WL) (Germania) Mathega
30/06/2019 EI-CJY 757-2Y0 (I-Fly) Mathega
30/06/2019 D-AGES 737-75B(WL) (Germania) Mathega
30/06/2019 EZ-A101 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) Mathega
30/06/2019 EZ-A102 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) Mathega
30/06/2019 EZ-A106 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) Mathega
30/06/2019 EZ-A107 717-22K (Turkmenistan Airlines) Mathega