RAF Lyneham



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
26/04/2010 ZH879 C-130-J (Royal Air Force) dabchick
20/12/2009 FAB2401 707-345C (Forca Aerea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)) dabchick
25/10/2009 9G-AXD DC-8-63 (Meridian Airways) dabchick
30/09/2009 9G-AXC DC-8-63 (Meridian Airways) dabchick
12/09/2009 G-EUNA Airbus A318-112 (British Airways) thedouth
14/07/2009 9G-RAC DC-8-63PF (Johnsons Air-Airlift) kevin.beerbloke
11/06/2006 XK699 Comet-C2 (Royal Air Force) toxic121
15/09/2003 ZZ173 C-17A (Royal Air Force) dabchick
19/08/2003 ZZ174 C-17A (Royal Air Force) dabchick
09/03/2003 9G-MKG DC-8-62 (MK Airlines) dabchick
09/03/2003 9G-MKK DC-8-62AF (MK Airlines) dabchick
30/05/2001 VP-FBQ DHC-7-110 (British Antarctic Survey) Magners50
23/05/2001 N494AT Raytheon/Hawker 125-800A (Vodafone Americas Asia Inc) Magners50
07/05/2001 HB-IIP 737-7AK(BBJ) (Privatair) Magners50
13/02/2001 D-CACB King Air 200T (AFI Flight Inspection GmbH) Magners50
08/02/2001 N213CT King Air 65-C90-1 (Southern Aircraft Consultancy) Magners50
02/08/2000 D-IHUT King Air B200- (Heitkamp & Thumann GmbH & Co. KG) Magners50
30/06/2000 G-VIPI Raytheon/Hawker 125-800B (Executive Jet Charter) Magners50
16/05/2000 G-MLTI Dassault Falcon-900B (Multiflight Ltd-Pace Electronics) Magners50
14/05/2000 G-BZAH Cessna Caravan-208B (Private Owner) Magners50
09/05/2000 D-IEBM King Air 300- (Emb-Papst Mulfingen) Magners50
06/04/2000 D-IEAR 551 Citation (Rieker Air Service) Magners50
31/03/2000 G-VSBC King Air B200- (Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd) Magners50
01/03/2000 HB-IEE 757-23A(WL) (Privatair) Magners50
02/02/2000 N93TX 650 Citation-VII (Textron Inc) Magners50
04/08/1999 VP-CNM 550 Citation-Bravo (Nigel Mansell (Formula 1 driver)) Magners50
26/07/1999 HB-IAX Dassault Falcon-2000 (Rabbit-Air AG) Magners50
26/07/1999 D-CSIX Learjet 60- (Aero-Dienst GmbH) Magners50
10/07/1999 G-OMGG Raytheon/Hawker 125-800A (Magec Aviation Ltd) Magners50
09/07/1999 G-RAFF Learjet 35A (Graff Aviation Ltd) Magners50
08/07/1999 G-BFRM 550 Citation-II (Marshall of Cambridge Aerospace Ltd) Magners50
07/07/1999 N432CV Pilatus PC-12 (Ray Dolby) Magners50
06/07/1999 HB-VLY 550 Citation-II (Servair Private Charter AG) Magners50
03/06/1999 D-ISGW 525 CitationJet (Siemag VerwaltungsGmbH & Company Handels & Leasing) Magners50
26/05/1999 N586CS Falcon-50EX (Valkyrie Aviation Corporation) Magners50
21/05/1999 CS-DCE S550 Citation-S/II (Air Luxor) Magners50
29/04/1999 G-FPLA King Air-B200 (Flight Refuelling Calibration) Magners50
28/04/1999 D-IALL 525 CitationJet (Vibro Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG) Magners50
27/04/1999 OE-FHW 501 Citation-I/SP (COMTEL-Air Luftverkehrs GmbH) Magners50
15/03/1999 G-OOOY 757-28A (ILFC-Air 2000) Magners50
05/03/1999 D-IWIL 525 CitationJet (Grenzland Air Service GmbH) Magners50
15/01/1999 OE-GCC Citation-V (Goldeck-Flug GmbH) Magners50
18/12/1998 F-GBTM Falcon-20F (Institut National des Sciences de lUniverse du CNRS) Magners50
20/11/1998 D-BSNA CL-600 (Challenge Air Luftverkehrs GmbH) Magners50
15/11/1998 VP-CDW 650 Citation-VII (Grosvenor Estates Ltd-Duke of Westminster) Magners50
21/10/1998 N139N 650 Citation-III (Air Luxor-Executive Jet Sales Inc) Magners50
01/10/1998 G-GDEZ Raytheon/Hawker 125-1000B (Sweater Shops-Frewton Ltd) Magners50