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CitySt. Athan


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
28/10/2021 OE-IOJ A321-211(WL) (Air Lease Corporation (ALC)) jexeter
28/10/2021 EI-IMT A319-111 (Alitalia) jexeter
26/10/2021 G-BYXC Grob G115E Tutor (Babcock Aerospace Ltd) jexeter
22/10/2021 ZA940 Puma HC.2 (Royal Air Force) jexeter
14/10/2021 OE-IOJ A321-211(WL) (Air Lease Corporation (ALC)) jexeter
02/10/2021 G-NWOI EC-135 (West Yorkshire Police) jexeter
01/10/2021 G-OOBN 757-2G5(WL) (TUI Airways) jexeter
01/10/2021 XX303 Hawk-T1 (Royal Air Force) jexeter
21/09/2021 HZ-FAC A320-214(WL) (Flyadeal) crafed
15/09/2021 OE-IKE A319-132 (Carlyle Aviation Partners) crafed
04/09/2021 D-AAAM A321-231(WL) (GOAL Aircraft Leasing) frank
04/09/2021 OE-IOJ A321-211(WL) (Air Lease Corporation (ALC)) frank
04/09/2021 OE-IOV A321-211(WL) (Air Lease Corporation (ALC)) frank
04/09/2021 VQ-BIQ 737-76N(WL) (GECAS) frank
04/09/2021 9H-SLB A320-232 (SmartLynx Malta) frank
04/09/2021 VP-BTU A319-113 (S7 - Siberia Airlines) frank
04/09/2021 G-BWGL (N-321) Hunter T.8C (Stichting Hawker Hunter Foundation) frank
04/09/2021 G-PLAZ Rockwell Commander 112 (Ian Hunt) frank
04/09/2021 G-BOIT Socata TB-10-Tobago (Naval Aviation Ltd) frank
04/09/2021 G-BPWR Cessna R172K Skyhawk (Jonathan Aveston Rees) frank
04/09/2021 G-AXIR Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (John Leslie Sparks) frank
04/09/2021 EI-CSI 737-8AS(WL) (Blue Panorama Airlines) frank
04/09/2021 VT-IHC A320-214 (IndiGo) frank
04/09/2021 2-ACSL A319-111 (ACS Aero 1 Alpha Ltd) frank
04/09/2021 B-HSK A320-232 (Cathay Pacific Airways) frank
12/08/2021 OE-IZR A321-231(WL) (APF 4 Projekt Nr. 7A GmbH) crafed
02/08/2021 9H-SLB A320-232 (SmartLynx Malta) Avocet89
02/08/2021 EI-CSI 737-8AS(WL) (Blue Panorama Airlines) Avocet89
02/08/2021 G-BYGC 747-436 (British Airways) Avocet89
02/08/2021 G-ZZZB 777-236 (British Airways) Avocet89
02/08/2021 G-ZZZA 777-236 (British Airways) Avocet89
02/08/2021 VT-IHC A320-214 (IndiGo) Avocet89
02/08/2021 G-NWOI EC-135 (West Yorkshire Police) Avocet89
02/08/2021 G-TUKF 737-8AS(WL) (TUI Airways) Avocet89
02/08/2021 OO-SSK A319-112 (Brussels Airlines) Avocet89
02/08/2021 OE-IOV A321-211(WL) (Air Lease Corporation (ALC)) Avocet89
02/08/2021 2-ACSL A319-111 (ACS Aero 1 Alpha Ltd) Avocet89
02/08/2021 SX-DGX A320-232 (Aegean Airlines) Avocet89
02/08/2021 F-GRHG A319-111 (Air France) Avocet89
02/08/2021 G-BYGD 747-436 (British Airways) Avocet89
02/08/2021 VP-BTU A319-113 (S7 - Siberia Airlines) Avocet89
02/08/2021 B-HSK A320-232 (Cathay Pacific Airways) Avocet89
09/07/2021 YL-LCT A320-214 (SmartLynx) crafed
01/07/2021 VT-IHW A320-232 (IndiGo) Docfinlay
31/05/2021 G-TUKF 737-8AS(WL) (TUI Airways) toxic121
31/05/2021 G-ZZZA 777-236 (British Airways) toxic121
31/05/2021 2-ACSJ A320-214 (Aero Capital Solutions) toxic121