Yeovil/Westland Aerodrome



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
26/08/2010 ZR332 AW101-610 (AgustaWestland) srushness
26/08/2010 ZR329 AW101-610 (AgustaWestland) srushness
25/08/2010 G-UKAW Agusta A109E Power (AgustaWestland Ltd) srushness
23/08/2010 ZH842 Merlin HM.2 (Augusta Westland) srushness
23/08/2010 ZR328 AW101-610 (AgustaWestland) srushness
07/07/2006 ZJ999 AW101-Merlin (AgustaWestland) waldo57
04/01/2005 XX448 Gazelle-AH.1 (Army Air Corps) srushness
13/04/2004 G-WEST Agusta A109 (Westland Helicopters Ltd) srushness
13/04/2004 M501-3 Super Lynx-Mk.100 (Royal Malaysian Navy) srushness
13/04/2004 ZJ974 Lynx-Mk.120 (AgustaWestland) srushness
05/05/2003 ZT800 Super Lynx-300 (AgustaWestland) srushness
05/05/2003 ZJ213 Apache-AH1 (Army Air Corps) srushness
05/05/2003 ZJ210 Apache-AH1 (Army Air Corps) srushness
05/05/2003 ZJ120 AW101-Merlin (Royal Air Force) srushness
29/01/2001 ZH834 AW101-Merlin (Royal Navy) waldo57
15/07/2000 ZH841 AW101-Merlin (AgustaWestland) waldo57
09/09/1998 ZH827 AW101-Merlin (Royal Navy) Overwatch
25/08/1997 A-522 IA-58-A Pucara (Argentine Air Force) Chas
25/08/1997 0729 Beech T-34 Mentor (Yeovilton Museum) Chas
25/08/1997 AE-422 UH-1-H (Argentine Navy) Chas
22/03/1993 ZH580 Lynx-HAS3S (AgustaWestland) srushness
09/02/1993 ZG468 Sikorsky S-70 (Westland Helicopters Ltd) srushness
18/05/1992 ZF649 AgustaWestland EH101 (AgustaWestland) srushness
18/05/1992 ZF644 AgustaWestland EH101 (AgustaWestland) srushness
18/05/1992 XZ236 Westland Lynx HAS.8 CTS (Aircraft & Armament Evaluation Establishment) srushness
25/03/1992 ZG918 Westland Lynx AH.9 (Army Air Corps) srushness