Bodmin Airfield



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
11/07/2016 G-AYPO Piper PA-18-95/L-18C Super Cub () thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BACN Reims/Cessna FRA150L Aerobat (Frank Bundy) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BCTC Reims/Cessna F337G Super Skymaster () thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BGIU Reims/Cessna F172H Skyhawk (A G Arthur) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BHXS Wassmer-Jodel D120 (Plymouth Jodel Group) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BMFZ Reims/Cessna F152 (Cornwall Flying Club Ltd) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BNSM Cessna 152 (Cornwall Flying Club Ltd) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BOZO Gulfstream-American AA-5B Tiger (Nathan Rhoden) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BPHG Robin DR.400 Regent (BRYAN BRENTON) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BSDW Cessna 182P Skylane () thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BXEZ Reims/Cessna 182P Skylane (Forhawk Ltd) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BXWR CFM Streak Shadow (Mark Adrian Hayward) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-BZZD Reims/Cessna F172M Skyhawk (Roger Hugh Moutray Richardson-Bunbury) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-CCKL Evektor EV-97A TeamEuroStar (Kevin Stewart / G-CCKL Group) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-CDJK Comco-Ikarus C42 FB80 () thedouth
11/07/2016 G-CEYH Cessna 152 () thedouth
11/07/2016 G-HXTD Robin DR.400/180 Regent () thedouth
11/07/2016 G-MEME Piper PA-28R-201 Cherokee Arrow () thedouth
11/07/2016 G-OCFC Robin R.2160U (Cornwall Flying Club Ltd) thedouth
11/07/2016 G-RODG Jabiru UL (Patrick Charles Appleton) thedouth
11/09/2004 G-BMFZ () AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BNSM Cessna 152 (Cornwall Flying Club Ltd) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-LEED Denney Kitfox-Mk.2 (Oliver Christie Rash) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BZZD Cessna 172-M Skyhawk (Aeroservice Doo) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BACN Cessna 150-L (Frank Bundy) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BXEZ Cessna 182-P Skylane (Forhawk Ltd) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-ARRY Jodel D140-B Mousquetaire (Colin Thomas) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-OCFC Robin R2160 (Cornwall Flying Club Ltd) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BCZM Cessna F172 (Cornwall Flying Club Ltd) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BXWR Streak Shadow (Mark Adrian Hayward) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-AXDC Piper Pa-23 (Nicholas John Lilley) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-ATUD Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (Jeremy John Ferguson) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BDNO Taylor Monoplane (Anthony John Thomas Gray) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BGSA MS.892-E-150 Rallye GT (BADRUL HUDA) AndyB1986
11/09/2004 F-BJEC () AndyB1986
11/09/2004 NC33884 () AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BXOI () AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-ARBV () AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-CBPI () AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-BGFG () AndyB1986
11/09/2004 G-OPIC () AndyB1986
11/09/2003 480015 PIPER J-3C-90 CUB (private) AndyB1986
11/09/2003 G-ATIC JODEL DR.1050 (private) AndyB1986
11/09/2003 NC33884 AERONCA 65CA SUPER CHIEFTAIN (private) AndyB1986
11/09/2003 G-OPIC CESSNA FRA.150L (private) AndyB1986
11/09/2003 G-BDNO TAYLOR JT.1 MONOPLANE (private) AndyB1986
11/09/2003 G-BPLH JODEL DR.1051 (private) AndyB1986