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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
22/09/2019 G-CDNO Gazelle-AH.1 (Stephen Atherton) Jolly67
13/04/2019 G-CJAU White Sports Monoplane (Replica) (Julian Aubert) Jolly67
13/04/2019 G-CBXZ Rans S6-ES Coyote II (Andre Faehndrich) Jolly67
02/02/2019 G-BBDG Concorde-100 (Brooklands Museum) ollym2015
09/10/2018 G-AZLP Vickers Viscount 813 (British Midland Airways) EYEBALL
09/10/2018 G-APEJ Vickers V953C Merchantman (Air Bridge Carriers) EYEBALL
09/10/2018 G-EBED Vickers 60 Viking 4 (Replica) (Private Owner) EYEBALL
09/10/2018 G-CJAU White J Sports Monoplane (Replica) (Private Owner) EYEBALL
20/04/2018 G-APEP Vickers/BAC Vanguard-953C (Brooklands Museum) Ryanedwards1996
20/04/2018 G-APIM Vickers/BAC Viscount-806 (Brooklands Museum) Ryanedwards1996
20/04/2018 G-ARVM VC-10-1101 (Brooklands Museum) Ryanedwards1996
20/04/2018 G-ASYD BAC 1-11-670 (Brooklands Museum) Ryanedwards1996
20/04/2018 G-BNCX Hunter T.79 (Brooklands Museum) Ryanedwards1996
20/04/2018 G-LOTI Replica Bleriot XI (Brooklands Museum) Ryanedwards1996
20/04/2018 G-VTOL Harrier Mk.52 (Brooklands Museum) Ryanedwards1996
07/08/2017 G-ARVM VC-10-1101 (Brooklands Museum) Swakeleys
07/08/2017 G-APIM Vickers/BAC Viscount-806 (Brooklands Museum) Swakeleys
07/08/2017 G-APEP Vickers/BAC Vanguard-953C (Brooklands Museum) Swakeleys
12/03/2017 G-VTOL Hawker Siddeley Harrier T.52 (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
12/03/2017 G-LOTI Bleriot XI (Replica) (Private Owner) EYEBALL
12/03/2017 G-AEKV B.A.C Drone 2 de Luxe (Private Owner) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 A4O-AB Vickers VC10 Srs 1103 (Royal Flight of Oman) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 G-AGRU Vickers Viking 1 (British European Airways ) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 G-APEP Vickers/BAC 953C Vanguard (Huntings Cargo Airlines) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 G-APIM Vickers/BAC 806 Viscount (British Air Ferries ) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 G-ARVM Vickers VC-10 1101 (British Airways) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 G-ASYD BAC 111-475 One-Eleven (British Aircraft Corporation) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 G-BBDG Sud-BAC Concorde (British Aircraft Corporation) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 XP984 Hawker Siddeley P1127 (Royal Navy) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 XT575 Vickers Viscount 837 (Royal Aircraft Establishment ) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 B7270 Sopwith Camel F.1 (Replica) (Royal Flying Corps) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 E-421 Hawker Hunter F.51 (Royal Danish Air Force ) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 F5475 Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5A (Replica) (Royal Flying Corps) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 G-AACA Avro 504K (Replica) (Private Owner) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 G-CHOI White Monoplane Canard Pusher (Replica) (Private Owner) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 K5673 Hawker Fury I (Replica) (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 N2980 Vickers Wellington Mk.IA (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 No 3 Sopwith Tabloid Floatplane (replica) (Brooklands Museum) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 NX71MY Vickers Vimy (Replica) (Brooklands Vimy Inc) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 WF372 Vickers Varsity T.1 (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 WK198 Supermarine Swift F.4 (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 XD816 Vickers Valiant BK.1 (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 XF314 Hawker Hunter F.51 (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 XN586 Hunting Jet Provost T.3A (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 XX499 Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.1 (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
18/11/2016 Z2389 Hawker Hurricane IIA (Royal Air Force) EYEBALL
12/01/2016 G-AGRU Vickers Viking 1 (Brooklands Museum) david2757