East Midlands Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
19/01/2021 N741CK 747-4H6 (Kalitta Air) Johnny1979
19/01/2021 G-EMHN Agusta A109S Grand (Burton Aviation Ltd) Johnny1979
19/01/2021 G-FIND F406 Caravan II (RVL Group) Johnny1979
18/01/2021 OY-TCD A321-211(WL) (Sunclass Airlines) Slopdog1
18/01/2021 EI-GSI 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
18/01/2021 OY-TCD A321-211(WL) (Sunclass Airlines) Johnny1979
18/01/2021 G-LMRZ ATR 72-500 (72-212A) (Loganair) Johnny1979
18/01/2021 EC-MFE 737-476 (Swiftair) Johnny1979
18/01/2021 D-AEAQ A300B4-622R (EAT Leipzig) Johnny1979
17/01/2021 EI-OZL A300-605RF (ASL Airlines Ireland) BritMidDC9
16/01/2021 EI-EXF 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
16/01/2021 D-AEAP A300B4-622R (EAT Leipzig) Johnny1979
16/01/2021 G-LSCW Gulfstream G550 (Langley Aviation Ltd) Johnny1979
16/01/2021 N743CK 747-446BCF (Kalitta Air) Johnny1979
14/01/2021 N346UP 767-34AF(ER) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Johnny1979
14/01/2021 G-DHKE 757-23N (DHL Air) Johnny1979
14/01/2021 M-ABNF RJ100 (Executive Jet Support Ltd) Johnny1979
14/01/2021 N917FD 757-23A (Federal Express (FedEx)) shedned
14/01/2021 G-BMRB 757-236 (DHL Air) shedned
14/01/2021 D-AEAQ A300B4-622R (EAT Leipzig) shedned
14/01/2021 OY-SRV 767-346F(ER)(WL) (Star Air) shedned
14/01/2021 G-CLBA 747-428F(ER) (Cargologicair) shedned
14/01/2021 G-CLAA 747-446F (Cargologicair) shedned
13/01/2021 G-BMRA 757-236 (DHL Air) shedned
13/01/2021 OY-SRG 767-219(ER) (Star Air) shedned
13/01/2021 EC-MCI 737-4Q8 (Swiftair) shedned
13/01/2021 SE-MAO Bae ATP- (West Air Sweden) shedned
13/01/2021 D-AALE 777-FZN (AeroLogic) shedned
13/01/2021 G-JMCP 737-3T0F (West Atlantic UK) shedned
09/01/2021 OY-TCG A321-211(WL) (Sunclass Airlines) Slopdog1
09/01/2021 9H-QED 737-800(WL) (Malta Air) Slopdog1
09/01/2021 EI-STJ 737-490 (ASL Airlines Ireland) ollym2015
08/01/2021 N304UP 767-34AF(ER)(WL) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Johnny1979
08/01/2021 EI-DLX 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
08/01/2021 N705CK 747-4B5F (Kalitta Air) Johnny1979
08/01/2021 N705CK 747-4B5F (Kalitta Air) Slopdog1
07/01/2021 G-GDFF 737-85P (Jet2) Johnny1979
07/01/2021 G-CLBA 747-428F(ER) (Cargologicair) Johnny1979
07/01/2021 N707CK 747-4B5 (Kalitta Air) Johnny1979
07/01/2021 SE-KXP Bae ATP- (West Air Sweden) Johnny1979
07/01/2021 G-ILBG 525A CitationJet CJ2+ (Catreus AOC Ltd) Johnny1979
07/01/2021 EI-DHR 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
07/01/2021 G-CLAA 747-446F (Cargologicair) Johnny1979
07/01/2021 TF-BBJ 737-476 (Bluebird Nordic) Johnny1979
07/01/2021 D-AEAS A300B4-622R (EAT Leipzig) Johnny1979
07/01/2021 G-JMCL 737-322 (West Atlantic UK) shedned
07/01/2021 G-JMCH 737-476 (West Atlantic UK) shedned