East Midlands Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
18/02/2020 EI-EKV 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
18/02/2020 D-AEAD A300B4-622R (EAT Leipzig) Johnny1979
17/02/2020 EI-EKN 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
17/02/2020 G-EZPG A319-111 (easyJet) Johnny1979
17/02/2020 EI-DAL 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
17/02/2020 EI-EBN 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
17/02/2020 G-JMCR 737-4F (West Atlantic UK) Qprpaul
17/02/2020 EI-STL 737-4F (ASL Airlines Ireland) Qprpaul
17/02/2020 G-LMRZ ATR72 (Loganair) Qprpaul
16/02/2020 9H-QEF 737-800(WL) (Malta Air) Slopdog1
16/02/2020 9H-QCN 737-800(WL) (Malta Air) Slopdog1
16/02/2020 N309UP 767-34AF(ER)(WL) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Slopdog1
16/02/2020 EI-EBN 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Slopdog1
15/02/2020 G-SPRE 550 Citation-Bravo (Xclusive Jet Charter Ltd) Johnny1979
14/02/2020 N719EL Beech 400A (Donington Aviation) Johnny1979
14/02/2020 LN-WEC ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Wideroe) Johnny1979
14/02/2020 LN-WEC ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Wideroe) Slopdog1
14/02/2020 OE-ICB A320-214(WL) (easyJet Europe) Johnny1979
14/02/2020 D-AEAH A300-622R (EAT Leipzig) Johnny1979
14/02/2020 D-AEAS A300B4-622R (EAT Leipzig) Johnny1979
14/02/2020 OE-ICB A320-214(WL) (easyJet Europe) Slopdog1
13/02/2020 D-IAAY EMB-500 Phenom 100 (Air Alliance Express) Johnny1979
13/02/2020 SE-MAM Bae ATP (West Air Sweden) Johnny1979
13/02/2020 EI-EVB 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
13/02/2020 TF-BBJ 737-476 (Bluebird Nordic) Johnny1979
12/02/2020 N702GT 777-F16 (Southern Air) ollym2015
12/02/2020 D-ACNN CRJ-900LR (Lufthansa Cityline) Johnny1979
11/02/2020 SP-RKG 737-800(WL) (Ryanair Sun) Slopdog1
11/02/2020 SP-RKG 737-800(WL) (Ryanair Sun) Johnny1979
11/02/2020 9H-QDG 737-800(WL) (Malta Air) Johnny1979
11/02/2020 F-HSYS Piper PA-34 (Antenne 2000 Sarl) Johnny1979
11/02/2020 G-TAYC Gulfstream G450- (Executive Jet Charter Ltd) Johnny1979
11/02/2020 G-EZBZ A319-111 (easyJet) Johnny1979
11/02/2020 SE-MAO Bae ATP- (West Air Sweden) Johnny1979
10/02/2020 LN-WEB ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Wideroe) Slopdog1
07/02/2020 EI-EVW 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Slopdog1
06/02/2020 D-ACNH CRJ-900LR (Lufthansa Cityline) Johnny1979
06/02/2020 D-ACNH CRJ-900LR (Lufthansa Cityline) Slopdog1
06/02/2020 OE-IZV A320-214 (easyJet Europe) Slopdog1
06/02/2020 OE-IZV A320-214 (easyJet Europe) Johnny1979
06/02/2020 SP-RKE 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair Sun) Johnny1979
05/02/2020 9H-VJZ Global 6000 (VistaJet Malta) Johnny1979
05/02/2020 G-EZDA A319-111 (easyJet) Slopdog1
05/02/2020 G-EZDA A319-111 (easyJet) Johnny1979
05/02/2020 N323UP 767-34AF(ER)(WL) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Slopdog1
04/02/2020 SP-RKE 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair Sun) Slopdog1
04/02/2020 D-CGEP Gulfstream G150 (Windrose Air Charter) Johnny1979