Peterborough Business Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
16/05/2020 G-GDOG Piper PA-28-R-200 Cherokee (The Mutley Crew Group) ipswich1995
16/05/2020 G-RAFC PIERRE ROBIN R2112 (RAF CHARLIE GROUP) ipswich1995
18/02/2013 G-WIZR R22 Beta II (Physio Supplies Ltd) Jeffdriver
18/02/2013 G-BOLI Cessna 172P (Boli Flying Club) Jeffdriver
18/02/2013 G-BHFK Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior (G-BHFK Warrior Group) Jeffdriver
18/02/2013 G-GDOG Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee (The Mutley Crew Group) Jeffdriver
10/10/2010 G-EHIC Jodel D140B Mosquetaire (India Charlie Consortium) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-BPAY Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II (Donald Arthur Charles Smith) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-WIZR R22 Beta II (Physio Supplies Ltd) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-BGKU Piper PA-28R-201 Cherokee Arrow III (Aerolease Ltd) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-BOZI Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II (Aerolease Ltd) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-BKMA Mooney M20J 201 (Foxtrot Whiskey Aviation) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-BNJB Cessna 152 (Private Owner) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-RSMC Medway SL100 Executive (Private Owner) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-CFVI Evektor EV-97 Eurostar (Private Owner) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-CDSY Robinson R44 Raven (Private Owner) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-TSGA Piper PA28-201R Arrow (Private Owner) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-RMCM Evektor EV97 Eurostar (Private Owner) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-WRWR Robinson R22B (Private Owner) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-IFDM Robinson R44 Astro (Private Owner) toxic121
10/10/2010 G-CKSC CZAW SportCruiser (Private Owner) toxic121
01/03/2010 G-BOZI Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-WRWR Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-GCCL Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-CDSU Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-BGNT Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-AXTO Piper PA-24-260 Comanche (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 N4599W Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-WIZR Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-POPW Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-RSMC Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-HBOS Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-GDOG Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-BNJB Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-BFKF Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-SYEL Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-PHAT Cirrus SR-20 (Private) rusty_man_spotter
01/03/2010 G-CFVI Unknown (Private) rusty_man_spotter
13/09/2007 G-PLOD Tecnam P92-EM Echo (G.M.& J Jupp) sherror
13/09/2007 G-IFDM R-44 Astro (MFH Helicopters) sherror
13/09/2007 G-GDOG PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow (Mutley Crew Group) sherror
13/09/2007 G-CDSU R-22 Beta (M.Horrell) sherror
13/09/2007 G-CDAC EV-97 Eurostar (Nene Valley Microlights) sherror
13/09/2007 G-BXDM DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 (Ace Leasing) sherror
13/09/2007 G-BPAY PA-28-181 Archer (D.A.C.Smith) sherror
13/09/2007 G-BEZF AA-5 Traveler, (J.E.Kearney) sherror
13/09/2007 G-AXTO PA-24-260 Comanche (J.L.Richardson) sherror