Old Warden Airfield

CityOld Warden


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
16/10/2021 G-EAGA Sopwith Dove (Replica) (Andrew Wood) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-ACTF Comper CLA-7 Swift (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-EBJO ANEC II (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-EBIR DH-51 Moth (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-AAYX Southern Martlet (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-AEXF Percival Mew Gull (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-ADGP Miles M2L Hawk Six (The Shuttleworth Collection) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-AEBB HM14 Pou-Du-Ciel (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-ABAG DH-60G Gipsy Moth (Andrew Wood) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-AEBJ Blackburn B.2 Series 1 (BAe Systems (Operations) Ltd) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-AAPZ Desoutter Mk. I Monoplane (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-EBWD DH.60X Moth (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-ACSS DH.88 Comet (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-XLTG Cessna 182S Skylane (G-XLTG Flying Group) Frosty63
16/10/2021 G-OASA Flight Design CTSW (Oliver Walter Achurch) Frosty63
22/05/2021 N39TA Beech C24R-Sierra 200 (Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-HSOO MD-369E (Century Aviation Ltd) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-PSFG Robin R2160-I (Mardenair Ltd) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-CEIL Escapade 912-2) (Timothy Nigel Crawley) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BXIA Chipmunk-T.10 (WB615 Group) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BXDH Chipmunk-T.10 (Royal Aircraft Establishment Aero Club Ltd) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BWVY Chipmunk-T.10 (Nevil Gardner) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-ATVF DHC-1-Chipmunk T10 (Royal Air Force Gliding And Soaring Association) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BWUN DHC-1 CHIPMUNK 22 (Terence Henderson) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BCOU Chipmunk-T.10 (The Loweth Flying Group) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BBMN Chipmunk-T.10 (Steven Baker) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-AMUF DHC-1-Chipmunk 21 (Redhill Tailwheel Flying Club Ltd) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BBMT Chipmunk-T.10 (MT Group) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BCYM DHC-1-Chipmunk (G-BCYM Group) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-DHCC Chipmunk-T.10 (Liberty Aviation Ltd) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BBMO Chipmunk-T.10 (Mike Oscar Group) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BXGL Chipmunk-T.10 (GL Group) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BARS DHC-1-Chipmunk 22 (John Beattie) Jolly67
22/05/2021 WK518 Chipmunk-T.10 (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BoBMF)) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BIJW Cessna 152 (Amarjit Singh Bamrah) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BYSJ Chipmunk-T.10 (Samuel Compton Swire) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-YOTS Yak 52 (G-YOTS Group) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BZXZ Bulldog-T1 (CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL FOPP) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-BNGE Auster-AOP.6 (Kevin Alan Hale) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-AZWT Lysander-IIITT (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-AEBB HM14 Pou-Du-Ciel (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-AAIN PARNALL-ELF II (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-AEBJ Blackburn B.2-Series 1 (BAe Systems (Operations) Ltd) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-AFTA Hawker Tomtit (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-AEXF Percival Mew Gull (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-ACSS DH.88-Comet (Richard Shuttleworth Trustees) Jolly67
22/05/2021 G-ADGP Miles M2-L Hawk Six (The Shuttleworth Collection) Jolly67