Leavesden Aerodrome



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
27/08/1984 G-BHBZ Partenavia P.68B (Insituform Holdings Ltd) Hitman69
27/08/1984 G-BKEW Bell 206B (Private Operator) Hitman69
27/08/1984 EI-BJL 550 Citation-II (Helicopter Maintenance-Carrow More Ltd) Hitman69
27/08/1984 G-BKFY King Air 65-C90-1 (Corgi Investment Ltd) Hitman69
24/06/1984 G-BUMP Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II (Cordscan Ltd) Hitman69
24/06/1984 G-BCIR Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior (Edward John Hyden) Hitman69
24/06/1984 G-BGZG Piper PA-38-112 (KILMARTIN LEASING & FINANCE) Hitman69
24/06/1984 G-BEVL Cessna 421 (Vickers Limited) Hitman69
24/06/1984 G-BIXM King Air 65-C90 (Private Operator) Hitman69
16/10/1982 G-SPTS King Air 65-C90 (Seabourne Express) Hitman69
16/10/1982 G-BEHR King Air 200- (Eagle Aircraft Services Ltd) Hitman69
16/10/1982 G-MEDI King Air 65-C90 (Private Operator) Hitman69
16/10/1982 G-BJJV King Air B200- (Eagle Aircraft Services Ltd) Hitman69
16/10/1982 G-BIEZ King Air 65-F90 (Private Operator) Hitman69
20/07/1982 G-CNSI King Air 200- (Continental Oil Company Ltd) dustydesuk
20/07/1982 G-BFVZ Super King Air B200 (Eagle Aviation Ltd) dustydesuk
10/07/1982 A6-FAM DHC-6-300 (Emirates Air Services) plumtim
17/04/1982 G-GKNB King Air 200- (GKN Group Services Limited) dustydesuk
27/03/1982 N15AW Cessna 500 Citation-I (Private Operator) gazac
27/03/1982 G-BJBD Britten Norman BN-2A-Islander (Private) gazac
24/03/1982 G-BEHC Britten Norman BN-2A-III-Trilander 2 (Private) gazac
21/03/1982 G-KFIT Beech King Air 65-F90 (Kwik Fit Euro Ltd ) gazac
26/05/1980 G-BHLC Beech Super King Air-B200 (Eagle Aircraft Services Ltd) gazac
26/05/1980 G-JRMM Rockwell 690B Turbo Commander (The Colt Car Company Ltd) gazac
26/05/1980 G-OATS Piper PA-38-112-Tomahawk (Private) gazac
26/05/1980 G-BHRP Piper PA-44-180-Seminole (Private) gazac
05/05/1980 G-BFDR Beech A60-Duke (Private) gazac
26/04/1980 G-BGTF Piper Pa-44-180-Seminole (Lincoln Street Motors Ltd ) gazac
26/04/1980 G-BHLI Rockwell 690B -Turbo Commander (Spanair Ltd) gazac
26/04/1980 G-BGVH Beech 76-Duchess (Private) gazac
26/04/1980 G-VWSE Cessna 404-Titan (Private) gazac
19/04/1980 G-BGZG Piper PA-38-112-Tomahawk (KILMARTIN LEASING & FINANCE) gazac
19/04/1980 G-BHKG Beech 65 King Air-E90 (Private) gazac
19/04/1980 G-BHJE Beech 95-58P-Baron (Private) gazac
19/04/1980 N4531J Piper PA-28R-180-Cherokee Arrow (Private) gazac
15/03/1980 G-OSKA Beech King Air 200 (Continental Oil Company Ltd) gazac
15/03/1980 G-BHAN Beech 200 King Air (Eagle Aircraft Services Ltd) gazac
15/03/1980 G-SPTS Beech 65 King Air C90 (Seabourne Express) gazac
15/03/1980 N1578T Cessna 414-Chancellor (Private) gazac
15/03/1980 G-BHFY Beech 95-B58-Baron (Private) gazac
15/03/1980 G-CBIL Cessna 182K-Skylane (Private) gazac
16/02/1980 G-IPRA Beech 200-Super King Air (Thurston Aviation Ltd) gazac
16/02/1980 G-ORMC Beech 200-Super King Air (RMC Group Services) gazac
09/02/1980 N840R Grumman G840-Turbo Commander (private ) gazac
09/02/1980 G-NATT Rockwell Commander 114A (Glos Air Ltd) gazac
09/02/1980 G-BFXS Rockwell Commander 114 (Glos Air Ltd) gazac
09/02/1980 G-OABI Cessna 421C-Golden Eagle (Private) gazac