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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
18/06/2019 G-EUPK A319 (British Airways) Kas0786
18/06/2019 LN-RGL A320-NEO (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Kas0786
18/06/2019 CS-TTB A319 (TAP - Air Portugal) Kas0786
18/06/2019 EI-EDY A330-300 (Aer Lingus) Kas0786
18/06/2019 N291AY A330-200 (American Airlines) Kas0786
18/06/2019 B-1539 787-9 Dreamliner (Hainan Airlines) Kas0786
18/06/2019 N29124 757-200 (United Airlines) Kas0786
14/06/2019 EI-FNA ATR 72-600 (Aer Lingus Regional) Kas0786
14/06/2019 EI-LBS 757-200 (Aer Lingus) Kas0786
14/06/2019 OH-LXH A320 (Finnair) Kas0786
14/06/2019 EC-LKH A320 (Iberia Express) Kas0786
12/06/2019 YR-BMB 737-85R(WL) (Blue Air) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-FSK ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (Stobart Air) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 TF-FIW 757-27B (Icelandair) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-FAX ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (Aer Lingus Regional) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-FSL ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (Stobart Air) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 N686FE A300-F4-605R (Federal Express (FedEx)) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 C-GVWJ 737-7CT(WL) (WestJet) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 N17139 757-224(WL) (United Airlines) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-GEY A330-202 (Aer Lingus) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 A6-ETF 777-3FX(ER) (Etihad Airways) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-RJU RJ85 (Cityjet) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-GHJ ERJ-190-AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) (Stobart Air) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-FCY ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (Aer Lingus Regional) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-GEV ATR 42-600 (Aer Lingus Regional) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-FNH A330-302 (Aer Lingus) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 A6-EPK 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-SIH A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines Ireland) Qprpaul
12/06/2019 EI-FNA ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (Aer Lingus Regional) Qprpaul
02/06/2019 C-GURP 787-9 Dreamliner (WestJet) EIDW Planespotter
30/05/2019 N355UP 767-34AF(ER)(WL) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) EIDW Planespotter
30/05/2019 G-NEOS A321-251NX(WL) (British Airways) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 N12006 787-10 Dreamliner (United Airlines) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 CS-CHE Challenger 350 (Netjets Europe) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 N188DN 767-332(ER) (Delta Air Lines) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 A6-ETN 777-3FX(ER) (Etihad Airways) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 G-FIND F406 Caravan II (RVL Group) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 EC-LXA A330-343 (Evelop Airlines) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 B-2722 787-8 Dreamliner (Hainan Airlines) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 D-AEAP A300-B4-622R (EAT Leipzig) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 C-GPAT A310-308 (Air Transat) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 N286AY A330-243 (American Airlines) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 G-SAJN ERJ-145-EP (Loganair) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 N807AA 787-8 Dreamliner (American Airlines) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 D-ALCC MD-11-F (Lufthansa Cargo) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 C-GVWJ 737-7CT(WL) (WestJet) EIDW Planespotter
28/05/2019 G-TTNC A320-251N(WL) (British Airways) EIDW Planespotter