East Midlands Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
19/11/2018 G-DHKR 757-223(WL) (DHL Air) Slopdog1
17/11/2018 LN-DYQ 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Johnny1979
17/11/2018 G-TOLL Piper PA-28R-201 Cherokee Arrow III (Arrow Aircraft Ltd) Johnny1979
17/11/2018 LN-DYQ 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Slopdog1
15/11/2018 N968FD 757-28A (Federal Express (FedEx)) Johnny1979
15/11/2018 M-CDBM King Air B200GT (BAe Systems Marine) Johnny1979
15/11/2018 EI-DCR 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) neilthorne
14/11/2018 G-LSAE 757-27B(WL) (Jet2) Johnny1979
14/11/2018 EI-DCR 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
14/11/2018 G-DOFY Bell 206 (Castle Air Ltd) Johnny1979
14/11/2018 M-CDJC Super King Air B200GT (BAe Systems Marine Ltd) Johnny1979
13/11/2018 F-GZTJ 737-4S3 (ASL Airlines France) neilthorne
13/11/2018 LN-DYG 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Slopdog1
13/11/2018 TS-INC A320-214 (Nouvelair Tunisie) Slopdog1
13/11/2018 EI-GXH 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) Slopdog1
13/11/2018 EI-DCR 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Slopdog1
13/11/2018 TF-BBE 737-36E (Bluebird Cargo) Slopdog1
13/11/2018 LN-DYP 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Slopdog1
13/11/2018 A7-BFJ 777-FDZ (Qatar Airways Cargo) Slopdog1
12/11/2018 F-GZTJ 737-4S3 (ASL Airlines France) AlexWilkinson
12/11/2018 G-DHKC 757-256(WL) (DHL Air) AlexWilkinson
12/11/2018 G-TALG Piper-PA28-151 Cherokee Warrior (Tatenhill Aviation Limited) Johnny1979
12/11/2018 EI-STO 737-43Q (ASL Airlines Ireland) neilthorne
12/11/2018 N317UP 767-34AF(ER)(WL) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) neilthorne
12/11/2018 TF-FIG 757-23APF (Icelandair) neilthorne
12/11/2018 G-EMBI ERJ-145EU (BMI Regional) neilthorne
12/11/2018 EC-HTS EMB-120-RT (Swiftair) neilthorne
10/11/2018 G-TAAS AgustaWestland-AW109SP GrandNew (Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance) Johnny1979
10/11/2018 OO-SSA A319-111 (Brussels Airlines) Johnny1979
10/11/2018 D-ALER 757-2Q8 (EAT Leipzig) Slopdog1
09/11/2018 LN-DYG 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Johnny1979
09/11/2018 G-EMHN Agusta-A109S Grand (Looporder Ltd trading as East Midlands Helicopters) Johnny1979
09/11/2018 LN-DYF 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Johnny1979
09/11/2018 G-FLXI Pilatus-PC12/47E (Flexifly Aircraft Hire Ltd) Johnny1979
08/11/2018 G-KHCG Airbus Helicopters-AS355 Ecureuil (London Helicopters Centres Ltd) Johnny1979
08/11/2018 OE-FZA Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (GlobeAir AG) Johnny1979
08/11/2018 EI-GXH 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
08/11/2018 G-FICH Guimbal-Cabri G2 (Helicenter Aviation Ltd) Johnny1979
08/11/2018 G-COVC Piper-PA28-161 Cherokee Warrior III (Coventry (Civil) Aviation Limited) Johnny1979
07/11/2018 G-NPTC 737-83N(WL) (West Atlantic UK) Slopdog1
07/11/2018 LN-DYF 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Slopdog1
07/11/2018 EI-EBO 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Slopdog1
06/11/2018 N50AG Cirrus-SF-50 Vision (APG Aviation Incorporated Trustee) Johnny1979
06/11/2018 G-DHKZ 757-236 (DHL Air) Johnny1979
06/11/2018 G-FLYW Super King Air B200 (FlyWales) Johnny1979
05/11/2018 G-TUIK 787-9 Dreamliner (TUI Airways) Johnny1979
05/11/2018 G-RJXI ERJ-145EP (BMI Regional) Johnny1979