East Midlands Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
21/02/2019 G-JZHY 737-800(WL) (Jet2) BritMidDC9
21/02/2019 G-LFSW Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II (Liverpool Flying School Ltd) Johnny1979
21/02/2019 SP-RSH 737-800(WL) (Ryanair Sun) Slopdog1
21/02/2019 G-DRTN 737-86N(WL) (Jet2) BritMidDC9
21/02/2019 EI-FIP 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) BritMidDC9
21/02/2019 EI-GXI 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) BritMidDC9
20/02/2019 G-DHKT 757-223(WL) (DHL Air) Slopdog1
20/02/2019 G-UZHR A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) BritMidDC9
20/02/2019 EI-GSH 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) BritMidDC9
19/02/2019 N961JF Gulfstream G550 (Urban Aviation Ventues LLC) Johnny1979
19/02/2019 G-JZBS 737-800(WL) (Jet2) Johnny1979
19/02/2019 G-JZBS 737-800(WL) (Jet2) Slopdog1
19/02/2019 G-OIOB Mudry-CAP 10B (ROLLS-ROYCE PLC (Rolls-Royce Haritage Department)) Johnny1979
19/02/2019 F-GZTK 737-4Q8 (ASL Airlines France) Slopdog1
19/02/2019 SP-RSH 737-800(WL) (Ryanair Sun) Johnny1979
18/02/2019 EI-EBR 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) neilthorne
17/02/2019 ZZ331 A330-243MRTT (Royal Air Force) Johnny1979
17/02/2019 OK-JFA Beech 400A- (Time Air sro) Johnny1979
17/02/2019 I-ADJL ERJ-195LR (ERJ-190-200 LR) (Air Dolomiti) Slopdog1
16/02/2019 G-GAME Cessna T303 Crusader (German Automotive Ltd) Johnny1979
16/02/2019 N81AW Piper-PA-34-220T (Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee) Johnny1979
16/02/2019 G-DBNK Eurocopter -EC120B Colibri (DE Banke Aviation LLP) Johnny1979
16/02/2019 EI-GGC ERJ-195LR (ERJ-190-200 LR) (Flybe) Johnny1979
16/02/2019 EI-GGC ERJ-195LR (ERJ-190-200 LR) (Flybe) Slopdog1
16/02/2019 G-VYGL A330-243 (AirTanker) Johnny1979
16/02/2019 G-VYGL A330-243 (AirTanker) AlexWilkinson
15/02/2019 G-DHKN 757-223(WL) (DHL Air) neilthorne
15/02/2019 G-JZHY 737-800(WL) (Jet2) Johnny1979
15/02/2019 EI-GJS 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979
14/02/2019 SE-MAI Bae ATP (West Air Sweden) neilthorne
13/02/2019 G-BLZP Cessna F152 (East Midlands Flying School Ltd) Johnny1979
13/02/2019 G-LGNM Saab 340B (Loganair) Johnny1979
12/02/2019 F-GZTK 737-4Q8 (ASL Airlines France) neilthorne
12/02/2019 SP-ESD 737-8AS(WL) (Enter Air) Slopdog1
12/02/2019 OE-IAG 737-4Q8 (ASL Airlines Belgium) Slopdog1
12/02/2019 HB-JYG A319-111 (easyJet Switzerland) Slopdog1
12/02/2019 9H-VCJ Challenger 350 (VistaJet Malta) Johnny1979
12/02/2019 G-DHKT 757-223(WL) (DHL Air) Johnny1979
12/02/2019 HB-JYG A319-111 (easyJet Switzerland) Johnny1979
11/02/2019 G-DHJH A321-211 (Thomas Cook Airlines) Andyrozza
11/02/2019 F-GZTK 737-4Q8 (ASL Airlines France) Andyrozza
11/02/2019 G-DRTN 737-86N(WL) (Jet2) Andyrozza
11/02/2019 G-ECOG DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Andyrozza
11/02/2019 G-DRTE 737-8K5(WL) (Jet2) Andyrozza
11/02/2019 OE-IVJ A320-214(WL) (easyJet Europe) Johnny1979
11/02/2019 D-AGWV A319-132 (Eurowings) Johnny1979
11/02/2019 EI-FTO 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) Johnny1979