Exeter International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
12/10/2017 ZD741 Tornado-GR4 (Royal Air Force) First1
08/10/2017 G-JECI DHC-8-402 (Flybe) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-CGEI Cessna 550 Citation-Bravo (Rushbury Enterprises Ltd) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-BOTI Piper PA-28-151 (Falcon Flying Services) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-OYIO Robin DR400-120 (Exeter Aviation Ltd) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-PRPG DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-BCVY Piper PA-34-200T (Oxford Aviation Academy (Oxford)) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-JECF DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-JECV DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-CEKO Robin DR400-100 (Exavia Ltd) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-JECL DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-ECOT DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-PRPO DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-ZZDG Cirrus SR-20 (Simon James) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-CCZX Robin DR400-180 (Exeter Aviation Ltd) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-JMCH 737-476 (Atlantic Airlines) Tristardelta
08/10/2017 G-SVRN EMB-500 Phenom 100 (TD Aviation IOM Ltd) First1
08/10/2017 G-JECI DHC-8-402 (Flybe) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-BCVY Piper PA-34-200T (Oxford Aviation Academy (Oxford)) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-JECF DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-JECL DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-ECOT DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-ZZDG Cirrus SR-20 (Simon James) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-BWMC Cessna-182P Skylane (Neil Francis Abbott) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-HEOI Eurocopter-EC135 P2+ (Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-JMCA Piper-PA-31-350 Navajo Cheiftain (Deregistered) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-WFWA Piper-PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II (Wings for Warriors) Airbusyoung
08/10/2017 G-JMCH 737-476 (Atlantic Airlines) Airbusyoung
20/09/2017 G-PUSI Cessna 303-Crusader (Crusader Craft) First1
20/09/2017 HZ-SA18 Diamond DA42 NG (Saudi Aviation Flight Academy) First1
20/09/2017 N550AA Gulfstream G550 (711 Cody Inc) First1
20/09/2017 N119FM Gulfstream IV- (KM Ventures I LLC) First1
19/09/2017 D-CJET 525B Citation-Jet III (Air Hamburg) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 N827MD ERJ-170-SU (ERJ-170-100 SU) (Republic Airlines) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 N550AA Gulfstream G550 (711 Cody Inc) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 G-VIPY Piper Pa-31-350 (Capital Air Charter Ltd) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 N119FM Gulfstream IV (KM Ventures I LLC) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 EC-LCQ ERJ-195-LR (ERJ-190-200 LR) (Air Europa) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 G-JECJ DHC-8-402 (Flybe) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 G-RVRR Piper PA-38-112 (Aviation South West Ltd) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 G-PRPD DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 G-JEAT BAe 146-100 (Jersey European Airways) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 G-CIZO Piper PA-28-161 (Falcon Flying Services Ltd) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 VP-CQX ERJ-190-LR (ERJ-190-100 LR) (NAS Air) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 G-NWOI EC135 (West Yorkshire Police) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 G-VIPW Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (Capital Air Charter Ltd) Airbusyoung
19/09/2017 G-BOTI Piper PA-28-151 (Falcon Flying Services) Airbusyoung