Hector International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
12/05/2017 N127GA King Air 200 (Aviation Charter Inc) TorchBCT
12/05/2017 N659FE A300-F4-605R (Federal Express (FedEx)) TorchBCT
11/05/2017 N58 Learjet 60 (FAA - Federal Aviation Administration) TorchBCT
11/05/2017 N328QS EMB-505-Phenom 300 (ARH Financial LLC) TorchBCT
11/05/2017 C-FMFZ King Air 65-C90B (Allied Wings Ltd Partnership) TorchBCT
28/04/2017 N643AE ERJ-145-LR (American Eagle) TorchBCT
28/04/2017 N14116 ERJ-145-XR (ExpressJet Airlines) TorchBCT
27/04/2017 N379B 525B Citation-Jet III (Buckle Inc) TorchBCT
27/04/2017 N11155 ERJ-145-XR (Trans States Airlines) TorchBCT
27/04/2017 N825UW 650-Citation III (Ed Schultz Broadcasting LLC) TorchBCT
27/04/2017 N95VM 525B Citation-Jet III (VMI Enterprises LLC) TorchBCT
25/04/2017 N680FD 680 Citation-Sover (Federated Investors Inc) TorchBCT
25/04/2017 N680DC Cessna 680 Citation-Sovereign (CI Leasing LLC) TorchBCT
25/04/2017 N101UE Beech 1900C (Corporate Air) TorchBCT
25/04/2017 N607TN 525 Citation-Jet+ (Banc of America Leasing & Capital LLC) TorchBCT
24/04/2017 N314TW Dassault Falcon-20E (Ameristar Jet Charters Inc) TorchBCT
24/04/2017 N786FE Cessna Caravan-208B (FedEx-Baron Aviation) TorchBCT
20/04/2017 N381CW 650 Citation-III (N650RJ LLC) TorchBCT
20/04/2017 N97TD Dassault Falcon-20F-5 (Aircraft Holdings LLC) TorchBCT
19/04/2017 N345K Learjet 45 (Corporate Jet Leasing LLC) TorchBCT
19/04/2017 N65KZ PH300 (Kinze Aircraft LLC) TorchBCT
19/04/2017 N400LV 560 Citation-XLS (Pronto LLC) TorchBCT
19/04/2017 N116MK Gulfstream Aerospace GIV-X (G450) (Wilmington Trust Co Trustee) TorchBCT
19/04/2017 N188SG Learjet 45 (Services Group of America Inc) TorchBCT
18/04/2017 N737FL Cessna 750 Citation-X (Flight Options LLC) TorchBCT
17/04/2017 N501ST 501 Citation-I/SP (Apple Air LLC) TorchBCT
17/04/2017 N315KA King Air B300 (350) (Gopher Air LLC) TorchBCT
17/04/2017 N202RL 560 Citation-Excel (American Flight Leasing LLC) TorchBCT
17/04/2017 N437SW CRJ-200-ER (SkyWest Airlines) TorchBCT
19/09/2016 N881QS Raytheon/Hawker 125-900XP (NetJets Sales Inc) TorchBCT
19/09/2016 N45NF 560 Citation-XLS (Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation) TorchBCT
19/09/2016 N271CA Citation-V (Chandler (USA) Inc) TorchBCT
19/09/2016 N521BB Pilatus PC-12 (Bell State Bank & Trust) TorchBCT
19/09/2016 N710MT 560 Citation-Excel (Biomet Leasing Inc) TorchBCT
19/09/2016 N202ND King Air B200 (North Dakota Department of Transportation) TorchBCT
13/09/2016 C-FLRY Merlin II (Perimeter Aviation) TorchBCT
12/09/2016 N41104 ERJ-145-XR (ExpressJet Airlines) TorchBCT
12/09/2016 N455SW CRJ-200-ER (SkyWest Airlines) TorchBCT
09/09/2016 N583SD 650 Citation-VII (PPL Management Inc) TorchBCT
09/09/2016 C-GPOP 650 Citation-III (Expressair) TorchBCT
09/09/2016 N863GA MD-81 (Allegiant Air) TorchBCT
09/09/2016 N9889 1126 Galaxy (BLF Aircraft Holdings LLC) TorchBCT
08/09/2016 N3620M King Air B200 (Scheels All Sports Inc) TorchBCT
08/09/2016 N701BG S550 Citation-S/II (Black Gold Potato Sales Inc) TorchBCT
08/09/2016 N627CZ ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (Delta Connection) TorchBCT
08/09/2016 N770LE 525C Citation-Jet IV (EJ Leasing LLC) TorchBCT
08/09/2016 N900KL Dassault Falcon-900 (Duralake LLC) TorchBCT