Fujairah International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
02/11/2018 EK-76155 IL76 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 3X-GDI AN-26 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 UP-I7641 IL76 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 ST-AQR Ilyushin Il-76TD (Alfa Airlines Sudan) Franzen
02/11/2018 3X-GGT AN-26 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 UR-CMB IL76 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 ER-IAE IL76 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 UP-A280? AN-28 (?) Franzen
02/11/2018 RA-76502 IL76 (Aviacon Zitotrans) Franzen
02/11/2018 ER-IAX IL76 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 UR-CMC IL76 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 HZ-MS1B Learjet 60- (Saudi Medevac) Franzen
02/11/2018 4L-GAS 707-379C (Mach Avia) Franzen
02/11/2018 UR-CSQ IL76 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 UR-CRQ IL76 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 4L-IKE AN-26 (n/t) Franzen
02/11/2018 UP-I7650 IL76 (n/t) Franzen
02/08/2016 HS-JAE 767-233(ER) (Jet Asia Airways) erdni
02/08/2016 UP-B2702 727-225 (Mega AirCompany) erdni
02/08/2016 ER-IBI Il-76TD (Air Stork) Franzen
02/08/2016 ER-IBU Il-76TD (Air Stork) Franzen
02/08/2016 HS-JAE 767-233(ER) (Jet Asia Airways) Franzen
02/08/2016 ER-IAV IL76 () Franzen
02/08/2016 UR-CMC IL76 () Franzen
02/08/2016 UR-CIU IL76 () Franzen
02/08/2016 UR-CIB IL76 () Franzen
02/08/2016 ER-IBI Il-76TD (Air Stork) erdni
02/08/2016 ER-IBU Il-76TD (Air Stork) erdni
11/11/2014 EX-017 Tu-154-B2 (Youzhnayah) rshaw41459
02/11/2014 TF-AAB 747-236B (Air Atlanta Icelandic) erdni
02/11/2014 4L-GAS 707-379C (Mach Avia) erdni
02/11/2014 UP-I6205 Ilyushin Il-62-M (Aria Air) erdni
02/11/2014 UP-B2702 727-225 (Mega AirCompany) erdni
02/11/2014 TF-AAA 747-236B (Cargolux Airlines International) erdni
02/11/2014 TT-WAK Il-18-D (Air Sirin) erdni
02/11/2014 RA-76842 Il-76-TD (Aviacon Zitotrans) erdni
02/11/2014 N634AR DHC-8-102 (EP Aviation LLC) erdni
02/11/2014 5X-TUA L-100-30 Hercules (Transafrik International) erdni
23/03/2014 4L-GAS 707-379C (Mach Avia) erdni
23/03/2014 N602AL DC-8-63CF (Bravo International Airways-Stabo Air) erdni
23/03/2014 5A-DRS Ilyushin Il-76-TD (Libyan Air Cargo) erdni
23/03/2014 UR-CIF Il-76TD (ZetAvia) erdni
23/03/2014 ER-IAH Il-76TD (Sky Prim Air) erdni
23/03/2014 UR-BXS Il-76-TD (Maximus Air Cargo) erdni
23/03/2014 EW-355TH Ilyushin Il-76TD (RubyStar) erdni
23/03/2014 N567CA 757-223(WL) (National Airlines) erdni
29/07/2012 RA-64021 Tupolev Tu-204 (Aviastar) erdni