Chek Lap Kok International Airport

CityHong Kong


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
26/03/2017 B-HXJ A340-313 (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
26/03/2017 N116UA 747-422 (United Airlines) hx9590
26/03/2017 N854NW A330-223 (Delta Air Lines) hx9590
26/03/2017 JA884A 787-9 Dreamliner (All Nippon Airways) hx9590
26/03/2017 HS-TEF A330-321 (Thai Airways International) hx9590
26/03/2017 HL7418 747-48E (Asiana Airlines) hx9590
26/03/2017 B-LJE 747-867F (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
26/03/2017 HL7532 777-3B5 (Korean Air Lines) hx9590
26/03/2017 B-6102 A330-343 (Air China) hx9590
26/03/2017 B-1528 737-89L(WL) (Air China) hx9590
26/03/2017 RP-C8762 A330-343E (Philippine Airlines) hx9590
26/03/2017 B-LPM A320-214(WL) (Hong Kong Airlines) hx9590
26/03/2017 B-LIC 747-467F(ER) (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
26/03/2017 RP-C3345 A330-343 (CEBU Pacific Air) hx9590
26/03/2017 A6-EFL 777-F1H (Emirates) hx9590
26/03/2017 9M-MTJ A330-323 (Malaysia Airlines) hx9590
26/03/2017 ER-BAM 747-409 (Aerotranscargo) hx9590
26/03/2017 N725AN 777-323(ER) (American Airlines) hx9590
26/03/2017 HL8049 737-8AS(WL) (Jeju Air) hx9590
26/03/2017 RP-C9914 A321-231(WL) (Philippine Airlines) hx9590
26/03/2017 B-LCJ A320-232(WL) (Hong Kong Express) hx9590
26/03/2017 B-LCN A320-271N(WL) (Hong Kong Express) hx9590
26/03/2017 OO-THA 747-4HAF(ER) (ASL Airlines Belgium) hx9590
26/03/2017 PH-BFR 747-406M (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) hx9590
19/03/2017 JA10VA A320-214(WL) (Vanilla Air) BritMidDC9
19/03/2017 B-7182 737-89L(WL) (Air China) BritMidDC9
19/03/2017 B-8653 A321-211(WL) (China Eastern Airlines) BritMidDC9
11/03/2017 9V-SWA 777-312(ER) (Singapore Airlines) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-5148 737-86N(WL) (Shanghai Airlines) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-6291 A320-214 (China Southern Airlines) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-16409 747-45E (EVA Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-18305 A330-302 (China Airlines) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HLC A330-342 (Cathay Dragon) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HLD A330-342 (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HNA 777-267 (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HNB 777-267 (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HNC 777-267 (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HNM 777-367 (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HNN 777-367 (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HSJ A320-232 (Cathay Dragon) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HTH A321-231 (Cathay Dragon) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-HUD 747-467 (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-LAA A330-343 (Cathay Dragon) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-LAG A330-342 (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-16310 A330-203 (EVA Airways) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-KAF 747-412 (Dragonair Cargo) hx9590
11/03/2017 B-KPF 777-367(ER) (Cathay Pacific Airways) hx9590