OR Tambo International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
20/08/2016 A6-DDE 777-FFX (Etihad Airways) jets
20/08/2016 G-CIVA 747-436 (British Airways) jets
17/08/2016 D-ABYT 747-830 (Lufthansa) jets
22/07/2016 ET-ATQ A350-941 (Ethiopian Airlines) jets
18/07/2016 G-YMMN 777-236(ER) (British Airways) jets
18/07/2016 A7-BAX 777-3DZ(ER) (Qatar Airways) jets
18/07/2016 ZS-SJU 737-844(W) (South African Airways) jets
18/07/2016 G-STBH 777-336(ER) (British Airways) jets
18/07/2016 HZ-AKV 777-268(ER) (Saudi Arabian Airlines) jets
18/07/2016 G-CLAA 747-446F (Cargologicair) jets
20/02/2016 Z-FJE A319-132 (Fastjet) R. Bexten
19/02/2016 G-VOWS 787-9 Dreamliner (Virgin Atlantic Airways) R. Bexten
19/02/2016 ZS-JRE 737-4Y0 (FlySafair) R. Bexten
19/02/2016 G-CLAA 747-446F (Cargologicair) R. Bexten
19/02/2016 D2-TEG 777-3M2(ER) (TAAG - Linhas Aereas de Angola Airlines) R. Bexten
19/02/2016 ZS-SJR 737-844(WL) (FlySafair) R. Bexten
15/02/2016 ZS-SYU PH300- (John McCormick Family Trust) duncani01isa
01/02/2016 C9-BAP 737-53S (LAM Mozambique) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 Z-FJE A319-132 (Fastjet) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 A7-BCW 787-8 Dreamliner (Qatar Airways) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 G-VSPY 787-9 Dreamliner (Virgin Atlantic Airways) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 HZ-AKM 777-268(ER) (Saudi Arabian Airlines) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-SGO King Air 65-C90 (National Airways Corporation (Pty) Ltd) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-SXH A340-313E (South African Airways) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-STE Beech 1900D (Turbine Air Partnerships) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-OJC Cessna Caravan-208B (Federal Air (Pty) Ltd) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ET-ASL 777-360(ER) (Ethiopian Airlines) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-TCO RJ85 (South African Airlink) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-DAA Pilatus-PC12 (Federal Airways) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-PYE Beech-1900 (Federal Airways) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-YBT DHC-8-402 (South African Express Airways) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 5Y-KYD 737-86N(WL) (Kenya Airways) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-SJT 737-844(W) (South African Airways) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-GAU DC-9-32 (Global Aviation Investments) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-SUV ERJ-135-LR (South African Airlink) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 N708DN 777-232(LR) (Delta Air Lines) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ET-ARJ 777-F60 (Ethiopian Airlines) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 TN-MAN Boeing-737-3Q8 (TAC) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-TFK Embraer-ERJ-135LR (SA Airlink) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 HZ-SKI 727-212 (Precision Air) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 C9-BAL 737-236 (Air Corridor) FerryPNL
01/02/2016 ZS-PAL DC-9-34CF (Phoebus Apollo Investments) FerryPNL
31/01/2016 A6-ENZ 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) FerryPNL
31/01/2016 C9-BAQ 737-752(WL) (LAM Mozambique) FerryPNL
31/01/2016 5N-MJP 737-8JE(W) (Arik Air) FerryPNL
30/01/2016 ZS-BBH ERJ-145-LR (Air Zimbabwe) FerryPNL
30/01/2016 B-KQE 777-367(ER) (Cathay Pacific Airways) FerryPNL