OR Tambo International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
26/09/2019 ZS-SNG A340-642 (South African Airways) Davelize
26/09/2019 D-ABYP 747-830 (Lufthansa) Davelize
26/09/2019 ZS-ALP ERJ-140-(ERJ-135KL) (South African Airlink) Davelize
14/06/2019 G-CIVW 747-436 (British Airways) rhoward
14/06/2019 F-GSQV 777-328(ER) (Air France) rhoward
14/06/2019 ZS-SXE A340-313 (South African Airways) rhoward
14/06/2019 ZS-YAB ERJ-190-AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) (South African Airlink) rhoward
14/06/2019 ZS-ZWT 737-8K5(WL) (Kulula.com) rhoward
14/06/2019 ZS-SYT ERJ-135-LR (South African Airlink) rhoward
14/06/2019 ZS-YBW DHC-8-402NG (South African Express Airways) rhoward
14/06/2019 ZS-SJV 737-844(WL) (FlySafair) rhoward
14/06/2019 ZS-SXJ A330-343 (South African Airways) rhoward
14/06/2019 D2-TEI 777-3M2(ER) (TAAG - Linhas Aereas de Angola Airlines) rhoward
14/06/2019 HB-JMI A340-313 (Swiss) rhoward
14/06/2019 ZS-TGC ERJ-135-LR (South African Airlink) rhoward
09/06/2019 HB-JMH A340-313 (Swiss) rhoward
09/06/2019 F-GSQK 777-328(ER) (Air France) rhoward
09/06/2019 D-ABYL 747-830 (Lufthansa) rhoward
09/06/2019 ZS-SZJ A320-232 (South African Airways) rhoward
09/06/2019 S7-SIL A320-232 (Air Seychelles) rhoward
09/06/2019 ET-ARB 737-7Q8(WL) (Malawian Airlines) rhoward
09/06/2019 ZS-SZA A320-232 (South African Airways) rhoward
09/06/2019 ZS-SJK 737-8BG(WL) (Mango) rhoward
09/06/2019 ZS-ZWB 737-8LD(WL) (Kulula.com) rhoward
17/05/2019 ZS-YBB ERJ-170-LR (ERJ-170-100 LR) (South African Airlink) rhoward
17/05/2019 ZS-ZWQ 737-8K2(WL) (Kulula.com) rhoward
17/05/2019 ZS-SJV 737-844(WL) (FlySafair) rhoward
17/05/2019 ET-AOB 737-8HO(WL) (Ethiopian Airlines) rhoward
17/05/2019 A6-EGL 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) rhoward
17/05/2019 ZS-SNV ERJ-135-LR (South African Airlink) rhoward
17/05/2019 ZS-GAR A320-231 (Global Aviation) rhoward
11/05/2019 ZS-NTK Cessna-208 (n/t) Franzen
11/05/2019 ZS-PHX Beech 1900D- (Compion Aviation South Africa) Franzen
11/05/2019 ZS-PHX Beech 1900D- (Compion Aviation South Africa) Franzen
11/05/2019 ZS-PHX Beech 1900D- (Compion Aviation South Africa) Franzen
11/05/2019 ZS-GAP A320-231 (Global Aviation) Franzen
11/05/2019 ZS-MGC Cessna 208 () Franzen
11/05/2019 ZS-DAT Pilatus PC-12- (Federal Air (Pty) Ltd) Franzen
11/05/2019 ZS-DHA DHC-8-311 (Cemair) Franzen
11/05/2019 ZS-YBC ERJ-170-LR (ERJ-170-100 LR) (South African Airlink) rhoward
11/05/2019 ZS-ASZ RJ85 (South African Airlink) rhoward
11/05/2019 HB-JMA A340-313 (Swiss) rhoward
11/05/2019 G-CIVF 747-436 (British Airways) rhoward
11/05/2019 D-ABYL 747-830 (Lufthansa) rhoward
11/05/2019 A7-BAH 777-3DZ(ER) (Qatar Airways) rhoward
11/05/2019 ZS-SXK A330-343 (South African Airways) rhoward
11/05/2019 9XR-WF 737-84Y(WL) (RwandAir) rhoward