Bradley International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
31/12/2017 N7748A 737-7BD(WL) (Southwest Airlines) tangoscar
31/12/2017 N705PS CRJ-701-ER (PSA Airlines) tangoscar
31/12/2017 N918WN 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) tangoscar
24/12/2017 N744P A319-112 (American Airlines) tangoscar
24/12/2017 N980AN 737-823(WL) (American Airlines) tangoscar
24/12/2017 N771SA 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) tangoscar
28/10/2017 N454WN 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N8651A 737-8H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N7822A 737-76N(WL) (Southwest Airlines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N11EA CRJ-701ER (Elite Airways) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N816SY 737-8Q8 (Sun Country Airlines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 HL8080 A319-115(CJ)- (SK Telecom) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N658JB A320-232 (JetBlue Airways) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N927AT 717-231 (Delta Air Lines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N991DL MD-88 (Delta Air Lines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N703UW A319-112 (American Airlines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N850NN 737-823(WL) (American Airlines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N832HK ERJ-145-LR (Trans States Airlines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N507MJ CRJ-701-ER (Mesa Airlines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N672QS Cessna 560 Citation XLS Excel (Marquis Jet Holdings Inc) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 N725PS CRJ-701-ER (PSA Airlines) samosetlbi
28/10/2017 C-GORA Beech 1900D- (Air Georgian-Simo Air) samosetlbi
21/10/2017 N771SA 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) tangoscar
20/03/2017 C-GCPW Dornier 328 JET-300 (Pratt and Whitney Canada) tangoscar
27/08/2016 N7718B 737-76N(WL) (Southwest Airlines) seapaddler
21/04/2016 C-GWGA Beech 1900D- (Air Georgian-Simo Air) tangoscar
20/07/2008 UR-RUS BOMBARDIER CRJ100 (ISD AVIA) 146Flyer
29/08/1998 N800YB CANADAIR CL-600 CHALLENGER 601 () 146Flyer
29/08/1998 C-GXPZ CANADAIR CL-600 CHALLENGER 601 (Chartright Air Inc) 146Flyer
19/07/1998 N315US A320-211 (Northwest Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N454AA MD-82 (American Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N570AA MD-83 (American Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N70529 MD-82 (American Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N311RC MD-82 (Northwest Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N9331 DC-9-31 (Northwest Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N93S DC-9-15 (Northwest Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N902AX DC-9-32 (ABX Air) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N109ML Fokker 100 (Midway Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N818EX DHC-8-102A (Allegheny Commuter Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 EI-CBJ DHC-8-102 (Allegheny Commuter Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 C-FGQK DHC-8-102 (Air Ontario) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N427UP 757-24APF (United Parcel Service (UPS)) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N464UP 757-24APF (United Parcel Service (UPS)) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N529AU 737-3B7 (US Airways) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N16648 737-524(WL) (Continental Air Lines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N780AU 737-4B7 (US Airways) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N461AT 737-2E1 (AirTran Airways) p.loughnane