Bradley International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
29/08/1998 N800YB CANADAIR CL-600 CHALLENGER 601 () 146Flyer
29/08/1998 C-GXPZ CANADAIR CL-600 CHALLENGER 601 (Chartright Air Inc) 146Flyer
19/07/1998 N315US A320-211 (Northwest Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N529AU 737-3B7 (US Airways) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N16648 737-524(WL) (Continental Air Lines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N780AU 737-4B7 (US Airways) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N461AT 737-2E1 (AirTran Airways) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N524AU 737-3B7 (US Airways) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N329DL 737-232 (Delta Air Lines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N427US 737-4B7 (US Airways) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N905UA 737-522 (United Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N7640U 727-222 (Emery Worldwide Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N240NE 727-31 (Express One International) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N545DA 727-232 (Delta Air Lines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 C-GAAR Beech 1900D- (Air Alliance) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N125YV Beech 1900D- (Mesa Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N159YV Beech 1900D- (Mesa Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N311UE Jetstream 41- (Atlantic Coast Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N308UE Jetstream 41- (Atlantic Coast Airlines) p.loughnane
19/07/1998 N418FE A310-221 (Federal Express (FedEx)) p.loughnane
30/09/1996 N433US 737-4B7 (US Air) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N490UE Jetstream 31-3212 (Westair Commuter Airlines) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N14825 ATR 42-320 (Britt Airways) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N86842 ATR 42-320 (Continental Express) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N58545 DC-9-32 (Continental Air Lines) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N601NW DC-9-32 (Northwest Airlines) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N2820W 727-247 (Western Airlines) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N719AA 727-227 (American Airlines) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N268AU 737-2B7 (US Air) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N321UA 737-322 (United Airlines) seapaddler
30/09/1996 N919UA 737-522 (United Airlines) seapaddler
28/09/1996 N356UA 737-322 (United Airlines) seapaddler
28/09/1996 N14829 ATR 42-320 (Cont-Bar Harbor) seapaddler
28/09/1996 N14830 ATR 42-320 (Continental Express) seapaddler
28/09/1996 N806EX DHC-8-102A (Piedmont Airlines) seapaddler