Miley Memorial Field

CityBig Piney


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
03/02/2009 N129WA Gulfstream II- (John Wing Aviation LLC)
03/02/2009 N455QS Gulfstream G450- (Gores Group LLC)
03/02/2009 N312AL Learjet 60- (Levair Ltd)
03/02/2009 N339QS Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign (CIT Group-Equipment Financing Inc)
03/02/2009 N341FX CL-605- (Bombardier Business Jet Solutions Inc)
03/02/2009 N929QS Cessna 750 Citation X (NetJets Sales Inc)
03/02/2009 N54VS Challenger-601-3R (Challenger 5189 Leasing LLC)
03/02/2009 N489QS Gulfstream IV (NJI Sales Inc)
03/02/2009 N51FL 21.12.01-Gulfstream V (Star Aircraft Leasing S.A.)
03/02/2009 N486QS Gulfstream IV-SP (NJI Sales Inc)
03/02/2009 N487QS Gulfstream IV- (NJI Sales Inc)
03/02/2009 N445QS Gulfstream G450- (NJI Sales Inc)
03/02/2009 N418CT Beech 400- (Aircraft Holding Company One LLC)
03/02/2009 N317QS Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign (Wilmington Trust Co Trustee)
03/02/2009 N696MJ Gulfstream IIB- (Lions-Air AG)
03/02/2009 N245TT Gulfstream G550- (Transpolar C. A.)
03/02/2009 N388AC Gulfstream G550- (A C Travel LLC)
03/02/2009 N972AB 500 Citation-I (Homeland Companies LLC)
03/02/2009 N132AH 525 Citation-Jet (Air Prospect LLC)
03/02/2009 N817PD Citation-V (Henderson Leasing LLC)
03/02/2009 C-FCXL 560 Citation Excel (Airsprint Inc)
03/02/2009 N786CC Learjet 45- (786CC LLC)
03/02/2009 N888UP Sabre 65- (Agilis Management Inc)
03/02/2009 N295JR Raytheon/Hawker 125-800A (Vincent Charters LLC-First Flight)
03/02/2009 N64BD Dassault Falcon-900 (Sky Aviation Corporation)
03/02/2009 N541RS 390 Premier IA- (White Oak Aviation LLC)
03/02/2009 N41140 757-224(WL) (Continental Air Lines)
03/02/2009 N506JB A320-232 (JetBlue Airways)
03/02/2009 N13202 ERJ-145XR (ExpressJet Airlines)
03/02/2009 N909JE Gulfstream II (Hyperion Air Inc)
03/02/2009 N250DV Gulfstream G550 (RDV Leasing LLC)
03/02/2009 N121JM Gulfstream IV- (SK Travel LLC)
03/02/2009 N1967M Challenger 300 (McDonalds Corporation)
03/02/2009 N628CK Citation-V (Knowlton Aviation LLC)
03/02/2009 N401RJ Gulfstream III- (Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation)
03/02/2009 N909VJ Dassault Falcon-50 (WC Aviation LLC)
03/02/2009 N261FX Learjet 60XR- (Brenda Earl)
03/02/2009 N707BC Gulfstream G200- (International Jet Management)
03/02/2009 N758CC Challenger-604 (Challenger Management LLC)
03/02/2009 N465LX Beech 400A- (Flight Options LLC)
03/02/2009 N440LX Beech 400A- (Flight Options LLC)
03/02/2009 N438LX Beech 400A- (Trans Sun Transportation LLC)
03/02/2009 N700GX BD-700-1A10 Global Express (Global Flight Inc)
03/02/2009 N350WC 560 Citation-Excel (CWD Jr. Exploration Inc)
03/02/2009 N402FL Beech 400A- (Richland Investments Inc)
03/02/2009 N700FS Gulfstream IV (Flo-Sun Aircraft Inc)
03/02/2009 N762US A319-112 (US Airways)