Baton Rouge Metropolitan

CityBaton Rouge


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
03/02/2009 N414DH Challenger 300 (Airbill Inc)
03/02/2009 N792JM King Air 300- (Jamestown Metal Marine Sales Inc)
03/02/2009 N791TA Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XP (Flight Options LLC)
03/02/2009 N112EM 690A Turbo Commander- (E. Micah Aviation Inc)
03/02/2009 N855QS Hawker 800XP- (NetJets Sales Inc)
03/02/2009 N727MT King Air 65-E90 (SV Leasing LLC)
03/02/2009 N355RM Learjet 55- (Richmark Aircraft Leasing IV LLC)
03/02/2009 N225HD Dassault Falcon-50EX (Homerlease Company Inc)
03/02/2009 N75MC S550 Citation-S/II (Leche Inc)
03/02/2009 N208VP Citation-V (Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Inc)
03/02/2009 N400RS Sabre 75A- (R2D2 LLC)
03/02/2009 N311EL Gulfstream IV- (Eli Lilly & Company)
03/02/2009 C-FBBF Hawker 800XP- (Chartright Air Inc)
03/02/2009 N310EL Gulfstream IV- (BB & T Equipment Finance Corporation)
03/02/2009 N312EL Gulfstream IV- (Eli Lilly & Company)
03/02/2009 N70LG King Air-200C (Northwestern Arctic Air Inc)
03/02/2009 N800E British Aerospace 125-700A (Allegra Unlimited Inc)
03/02/2009 N537FX Challenger 300- (Robin Hood Holdings LLC)
03/02/2009 N18BM ERJ-135-BJ Legacy (BDG Aircharter Inc)
03/02/2009 N352TV Learjet 35A- (Craig Air Center Inc)
03/02/2009 N90ML Gulfstream III- (Flight Stream LLC)
03/02/2009 N202PX Gulfstream II- (Florida Aircraft Sales LLC)
03/02/2009 N525FX Challenger 300- (Bombardier Business Jet Solutions Inc)
03/02/2009 N351TV Learjet 35A- (Craig Air Center Inc)
03/02/2009 N183WW Dassault Falcon-900B (W & W 61-63 LLC)
03/02/2009 N88HP 560 Citation-Excel (NLP Leasing LLC)
11/10/1983 N1982G British Aerospace 125-700A (Ethyl Corporation) plumtim
11/10/1983 N1290L DC-9-32 (Delta Air Lines) plumtim
11/10/1983 N300CH Sabre 40- (Engineered Mechanical Service Inc) plumtim
11/10/1983 N1966G L-1329 Jetstar-6 (Abakan-Avia) plumtim