Jacksonville International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
13/01/2021 N825HK ERJ-145LU (Via Airlines) mgrant
04/08/2020 N748UW A319-112 (American Airlines) FL_Flying
01/06/2020 N745VJ A319-112 (American Airlines) FL_Flying
29/02/2020 N738MA 737-8Q8(WL) (Miami Air International) FL_Flying
24/08/2019 N311PQ CRJ-900LR (Delta Connection) NIKONJEFF
27/07/2019 N14179 ERJ-145XR (CommutAir) FL_Flying
20/12/2018 N568AW DHC-8-315 (US Department of Homeland Security) Franzen
20/12/2018 N1128M Learjet 60- (Super Star Jets LLC) erdni
20/12/2018 N568AW DHC-8-315 (US Department of Homeland Security) erdni
20/12/2018 N93XP Beech 400A- (RidgeAire Inc) erdni
20/12/2018 N728MG Pilatus PC-12 (MG Flight Group LLC) erdni
20/12/2018 N252RP Learjet 60- (Electrolux Home Products Inc) erdni
20/12/2018 N72XL 560 Citation-XLS+ (Cessna Aircraft Company) erdni
12/07/2018 N7857B 737-79P(WL) (Southwest Airlines) bosshep
30/07/2017 N919QS Cessna 750 Citation X (NetJets Sales Inc) erdni
30/07/2017 N611QS Cessna 560 Citation XLS Excel (NetJets Sales Inc) erdni
30/07/2017 N206FS Gulfstream G280 (Fidelity National Information Services Inc) erdni
30/07/2017 N207TT Raytheon/Hawker-1000A (Hawker 1000 LLC) erdni
30/07/2017 N939LR CRJ-900-ER (Mesa Airlines) Franzen
30/07/2017 N266JB ERJ-190AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) (JetBlue Airways) Franzen
30/07/2017 N295PQ CRJ-900-LR (Delta Connection) Franzen
30/07/2017 N168GJ CRJ-702 (Gojet Airlines) Franzen
30/07/2017 N14177 ERJ-145XR (CommutAir) Franzen
30/07/2017 N939LR CRJ-900-ER (Mesa Airlines) erdni
30/07/2017 N13908 ERJ-145LR (ExpressJet Airlines) erdni
30/07/2017 N266JB ERJ-190AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) (JetBlue Airways) erdni
30/07/2017 N168GJ CRJ-702 (Gojet Airlines) erdni
30/07/2017 N14177 ERJ-145XR (CommutAir) erdni
07/05/2017 N969TW MD-83 (American Airlines) dfwtower.com
17/10/2016 N14180 ERJ-145-XR (ExpressJet Airlines) jwc0377
26/08/2014 N947UW ERJ-190IGW (US Airways) paul200299
26/08/2014 N532US 757-251 (Delta Air Lines) paul200299
28/10/2012 57-0817 F-102A Delta Dagger (Air National Guard) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 57-0230 F-106A Delta Dart (Air National Guard) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 79296/N125FW GD F16A Fighting Falcon (Gate Guard Jacksonville) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N283CS ATR42-300 (WFBN) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N16147 ERJ145XR (Expressjet Airlines) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N712US A319-112 (US Airways) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N367CA CRJ-701 (Gojet Airlines) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N9433S Beech C33 Debonair (Private) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N1519X Pa-28 Archer (Private) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N788MK Cessna 182R (Fly Today Inc) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N704FW Cessna 150M (H5 Enterprises LLC) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N6729Z Beech B58 Baron (Regency Group Inc) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N250PR Pa-23-250 Aztec (Private) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N26RD Pa-34-200 Seneca (Private) rshaw41459
28/10/2012 N35RD Pa-31-350 Chieftain (Donaldson Richard R) rshaw41459